Friday, March 27, 2015

Sheriff's deputy kills suicidal man in Village Park

NBC 7:
A deputy was involved in a shooting in an Encinitas neighborhood Friday morning, officials confirmed.

The shooting was reported just after 9:45 a.m. in the 2000 block of [Shadytree] Lane. Jan Caldwell of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said the deputy was not injured.


A neighbor told NBC 7 the suspect had been experiencing marital troubles and deputies had been called [to] his house before this incident, including a time when the man was throwing things out of the window. The neighbor said a deputy shot the suspect because he was armed with a shotgun.

The neighbor said the suspect's wife ran out of their home this morning saying her husband had a shotgun and was going to harm himself.
TV station KUSI reported that a man said to be suicidal had been shot, and was dead. A news helicopter showed a a yellow tarp over an apparent body behind homes.

The shooting occurred about 9:40 a.m. on Shadytree Lane off Glen Arbor Drive in the Olivenhain community, sheriff’s spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said.

Shadytree Lane is a cul-de-sac lined with four-plex townhomes, with trees and some small open spaces behind the backyards.

One resident said she and a girlfriend who was visiting heard two short bursts of gunfire and they looked outside to see a deputy hiding behind a garage, his handgun drawn. They later saw a woman collapse in distress in a yard.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/25/15 City Council meeting open thread

The current city council has continued prior councils' practice of not providing written summary minutes of council discussion, but only "action minutes" which state the outcomes. Encinitas Undercover will provide a forum for observers to record what occurs at each council meeting.

Please use the comments to record your observations.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Attempted abduction of 7-year-old girl at Solana Beach's Skyline Elementary

From the Inbox:
Solana Beach and extended Community Friends,

A parent’s worst nightmare was averted yesterday in broad daylight at Skyline School as our daughter was the victim of a botched abduction. We are very fortunate that she thought quickly and kicked and screamed until she was heard by nearby teachers. She is now safe at home.

I typically keep to myself and not much into mass emails, but felt compelled to share to try to catch this person and assist everyone with the protection of their children. We also want everyone to know the details regarding the incident so you understand what kind of crazy person is still running around out there.

This was not an incident where a man hung out on the fringe of the Skyline campus and attempted to lure the first child he saw. This man parked in the top Skyline parking lot, walked through the heart of the school, past the front office, and up to the main part of school only 15 minutes after the dismissal bell rang. He tried to wrap packing tape around her head multiple times around. He was also attempting to pick her up and carry her off of campus. We share these details with you so you understand how reckless and crazy this person is.

1. Please have the discussion with your kids. “Stranger Danger” and the importance of not complying. The “if you want to see your mommy again” was used in our case as he tried to lure her behind the garden and attempted to tape her up. Yell, scream, draw as much attention as you can. This is what saved our daughter.

2. This person got away. He is still out there. Please report any sighting of a silver Ford Flex with a black roof a man fitting this description: white male about 6’0”, 200 lbs. facial stubble, and wearing a red and white striped baseball jersey, white baseball pants, green baseball hat, and a duffel bag. Teachers and a janitor pursued him, but he was able to race off in his vehicle. If you see anything, please call 911 or Detective Frank Feliccia at 619-544-7017.

We need to catch this person so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. If an entire community and City are looking out for him, the chances are greater. Officers are pulling over every Ford Flex that meets this description. Please report it.

There were witnesses that saw this individual as he ran away. They have met with detectives and a sketch will be available by today. I will share any info that I obtain.

Never in our wildest dreams would we think this could happen to us. Please forward to as many people you can to help prevent it from happening to others.

Silver Ford Flex with black roof

Monday, March 23, 2015

Soccer league to pack city hall Wednesday

The Little League wasn't the only youth organization to get shafted by the city council's giveaway of the Ecke Sports Park. Here comes Encinitas Express Soccer, and they want turf and lights at Leo Mullen Field to make up for it.

The Encinitas Soccer League is urging its some 1,700 members to come to Wednesday night’s Encinitas City Council meeting to lobby for artificial turf and permanent field lighting at Leo Mullen Sports Park.

“It’s certainly a need,” league President Rick Lochner said Friday. “If you look at Carlsbad, they’ve got about a dozen (city-owned), lighted turf fields — we’ve got none.”


The Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, which owns the Ecke Sports Park fields on Saxony Road, has recently indicated that it is considering eliminating one or more of those four fields as part of a future construction project. The soccer league uses those fields for Saturday games and nighttimepractice sessions. And, if the YMCA proceeds as planned, “we’re going to be in a world of hurt,” Lochner said.