Friday, August 29, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Educating the Educators

It was delightful to see Julie Graboi school Professor Lisa Shaffer on the legal and well-understood meaning of "community character" in Encinitas after Shaffer's bizarre and entirely unsupported attempt to define it as something completely different.

Graboi's slides are here.  When the city council video is available, you can watch Graboi beginning at about minute 15, the last public speaker in "oral communications."

8/27/14 City Council meeting open thread

The current city council has continued prior councils' practice of not providing written summary minutes of council discussion, but only "action minutes" which state the outcomes. Encinitas Undercover will provide a forum for observers to record what occurs at each council meeting.

Please use the comments to record your observations.

Items of interest include the Fire Station 2 (Mackinnon in Cardiff) appraisal

What's the real majority view on development in Encinitas?

City insiders have dismissed concerned residents on development issues as "criticizers and complainers," and suggested that they are just a vocal minority.

Where does the true majority actually stand?

The Waves to Ride blog points to five significant evidentiary indicators as to what the majority clearly wants.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Community character has absolutely nothing to do with high-density development

Council Member Lisa Shaffer in the Encinitas Advocate:
Campaign season is upon us and I guarantee you will hear the words “community character” often. Take a breath and think about what that really means.

To me, Encinitas community character is about kindness, integrity, and open minds. We are a center of healing arts practitioners. We are an outdoor destination. We have a community full of wonderful, well-educated, interesting, creative, innovative people. The community character I support is treating each other with compassion and contributing positive energy to this amazing city we are privileged to live in.
Pay no attention to what they're doing to our city. Just remember they are nice people.

Woulda been kinda nice for Shaffer to tell us her definition of "community character" before we elected her to city council.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Food for thought

A national publication (the Daily Beast is the web site that bought Newsweek) makes many of the same points, admittedly more eloquently, that Alex Fidel has been making in his mayoral campaign about the militarization of police.

We saw a deputy sheriff in a quiet neighborhood in Encinitas in full body armor today. It was only a few years ago that local police and sheriffs didn't look like combat troops occupying Iraq.

UPDATE: A few commentaries from the Inbox: LA Times cartoon and HBO's John Oliver.

Barth, Shaffer, Kranz ban plastic bags, tax paper bags

Seaside Courier:
With a 3-2 vote, Encinitas became the second city in San Diego County to pass an ordinance barring retail establishments from providing single-use plastic bags to customers.

The ban will be effective six months from Wednesday for the city’s 80 grocery, drug, convenience and liquor stores, and at city facilities and city-sponsored events. Within 12 months, all other retailers and farmers markets are required to follow suit.

The ordinance encourages consumers to carry reusable bags for shopping, and allows forces retailers to charge a minimum of 10 cents per recycled single-use paper bag.

Businesses which don’t comply can be warned and then cited, with fines starting at $100 and going up to $500.