Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sheriffs refuse to let senior volunteers enforce parking

Of course they can't! Those are union jobs!

Encinitas Advocate:
Councilmembers Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz several weeks ago met informally with a cross-section of residents and business owners to talk about downtown issues, particularly where problems seem the worst: Second Street, Third Street and Fourth Street. The conversation sparked the creation of the subcommittee.

One of residents’ chief concerns: People living out of their cars and campers, with many parked in downtown Encinitas in zones with two-hour limits. To that end, the council last week expressed interest in members of the Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol writing tickets to enforce the two-hour limit.

Shaffer this week said in an email the Sheriff’s Department isn’t supportive of that approach, so the subcommittee is looking at other alternatives, although she declined to go into more detail at this time.
Who's working for whom here?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sheriffs run DUI checkpoint in Olivenhain far away from problem downtown 101 area; catch no drunk drivers

Good news Encinitas!
A DUI checkpoint staffed by San Diego County sheriff’s deputies in Encinitas between July 3 and July 4 yielded unlicensed drivers, uninsured drivers and scofflaw youth probationary drivers but no one was found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, authorities said.

The checkpoint was staffed between 8:21 p.m. July 3 and 1:37 a.m. July 4 in the 1800 block Olivenhain Road, Encinitas.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Did Encinitas finally get a good city manager?

Encinitas has tapped Karen P. Brust as its next city manager.

The City Council is set to vote Wednesday on an employment contract for Brust, who is the city manager for San Juan Capistrano and a former city manager of Del Mar. The contract calls for her to receive an annual salary of $238,000, plus a $500 a month car allowance and a $100 a month cell phone allowance.
Initial signs are highly positive. Both San Juan Capistrano and Del Mar are "community character" small towns, and Del Mar at least is not known for pushing excessive development to fund bloated city staff and pensions. And as an Olivenhain resident, Brust surely appreciates what makes Encinitas special.

On paper, she's poles apart from the last guy, who was a reject from the unmitigated financial disaster of Sacramento. The Council seems to be paying a bit more attention this time around.

A hopeful congratulations to our City Council for what looks like a great hire!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fire in Seaside Market complex

Firefighters were working to put out a fire on the roof of a Cardiff commercial building that houses two restaurants Thursday morning.

Someone called 911 around 9:50 a.m. to report a fire on San Elijo Drive near Birmingham Drive in a complex that houses several tenants, including the eateries Zenbu and Rimels, as well as the Seaside Market.
The Lord reportedly spared the Lost Abbey Confessional.

Leucadia meth heads arrested in bicycle theft ring

NBC 7:
Three men were arrested in Encinitas during an investigation into high-end bicycle thefts in the North County, officials said.

North Coastal Sheriff’s Station detectives arrested the men after serving a search warrant for the Royal Motel on the 1400 block of North Coast Highway 101.

Encinitas residents Jeffrey Scott Stevenson, 60, Emiko Nishida Sanderson, 54 and Billie Dee Estoque, 55 were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and sale of a controlled substance. Estoque, a convicted felon, was also found with a firearm.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kudos to the Council's unanimous, firm stance on AB 744

We first brought you news of AB 744 back in April. The development industry's bill would make density bonuses worse and overrule local ordinances on parking requirements.

Today we have the good news that our Council has unanimously signed a firm letter opposing AB 744 unless critical changes are made. The letter can be read here.

According to observers at last Wednesday's Council meeting, the letter was drafted by Deputy Mayor Blakespear after letters written by staff and our paid lobbyist were rejected as too pro-developer.

And kudos also to the citizens who made the Council aware of the awful AB 744 bill, and kept up the pressure until the Council did the right thing. Here's one agitator's take:
I'd say the pressure started within a day or so of finding this little gem on the State website. After that others who can count themselves among Vina's "28 identified activists" dogpiled on and started digging into what city staff (McSeveney) and the lobbyist (Clay) were NOT doing to alert the council. Clay was actively on the developers' side with his personal opinion on base density rounding that ran contrary to the round down approved by council last summer.

Which council member is exceeding your expectations?

Encinitas Guerrilla asks which is the most disappointing current council member.

As we prefer to focus on the positive here at Encinitas Undercover, we'd like to turn that around and ask which council member has most positively surprised you.