Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Thomas A. Elliott dies after Cardiff bar fight

Odd that this hasn't received any local coverage as far as I can tell.

California police have identified suspects in the beating death of Marine Sgt. Thomas A. Elliott of Horseheads, but the lead investigator said Thursday that an arrest is not imminent.

Det. Kurt Cartie of the San Diego Sheriff's Department's Encinitas Station said "more than one suspect" is being sought as the investigation into the Feb. 27 incident continues.


Nearly four weeks after the incident in which Sgt. Elliott was beaten, police have not been able to find any witnesses other than people who were involved, Cartie said.

He said the trouble started when two groups left a bar at Cardiff-by-the-Sea, a community within Encinitas, at closing time.

He said the groups were walking across a parking lot to their vehicles when an argument developed and escalated into a fight. Sgt. Elliott and other Marines were in one group; those in the other group were civilians, Cartie said.

"More than eight" people were involved, he said.

Sgt. Elliott was punched and "the punch may have rendered him unconscious," Cartie said. He said the young Marine fell and struck his head on the pavement.

"His companions thought he was knocked out and drove him home" when the fight broke up, Cartie said.

Then they called 911, he said. When paramedics arrived, they called in an air ambulance that flew Sgt. Elliott to Palomar Hospital in nearby Escondido.

Cartie said Sgt. Elliott never regained consciousness and died March 9.

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  1. have any arrests been made in this case? is it still open?

    1. No arrests that I know of. Seems to have gone cold.

  2. i have information regarding the guy who hit him. i called crime stoppers, but they didnt even take my information. Instead they gave me another number to call (only avail tues and thurs mornings). I thought this was weird.

    1. Please e-mail me what you know at encinitasundercover @

      I can get the info to the authorities and will keep your name confidential.

  3. the thing not sure how relevant the information is. I know the 4 civilians involved in the fight. Its my understanding that 3 were interviewed and released, but the guy that hit him went on the run. i dont have first hand information about the case, but i do know where police can find him.

  4. ill try calling the local crime stoppers tomorrow morning and see how that goes