Saturday, July 17, 2010

Natives getting restless now

A couple of contentious local issues in the news:

Dan Dalager and Kristin Gaspar want to light up Cardiff's sunsets. Covered extensively at Cardiffian, and concisely in this Leucadia Blog post.

And 10 News covers the proposed Leucadia cell tower. Earlier covered on Leucadia Blog.

UPDATE: To be fair, I'm not sure Dalager or Gaspar have gone on record in favor of the nighttime sports park. Encinitas politicians tend to be pretty cagey about their views on controversial issues until it's time to vote, and local media have been pretty poor at reporting where everybody stands. But rumor has it that Gaspar and her Rotary Club are big supporters of the full-blown sports park. And here's a conflict assessment report from 2008 that asked interested parties "What do you believe are the main obstacles to consensus on the Park's final design?" One respondent's answer: "Rotary Club."

I think it's fair to say that unless candidates vocally oppose the nighttime sports park before they're elected, they're a serious risk to support it after they're elected.


  1. I'm not sure that gaspar has taken positions on anything other than wayside horns. What is her position on lights?

  2. To be fair, that's secondhand information, but word on the street is that both Gaspar and the Rotary Club of which she was President are major backers of the full-on sports park.