Monday, March 14, 2011

State Bar asks judge to suspend Michael T. Pines' license

... temporarily, before they revoke it permanently. NC Times:

Pines made a name for himself by advising families, including two in Escondido, too break into homes they lost to foreclosure and retake possession. In all cases, the families were evicted again, as Pines lost every argument in court and was cited for contempt in at least one of the cases.

Pines's behavior became so egregious in the view of the state bar that it filed to have his license suspended on an interim basis while it seeks to remove his license permanently.

"To remove a lawyer from active practice on an interim basis before formal charges are filed is a drastic remedy," said Chief Trial Counsel James Towery in a written statement. "That remedy is justified by the established misconduct of Michael T. Pines. He has shown complete disrespect for the law, the courts and especially the best interests of his clients."

Pines has been evicted from his Leucadia office due to foreclosure as well.

NOTE: This is NOT La Jolla personal injury attorney Michael Pines, who is concerned about being confused with the Encinitas break-in artist.


  1. Watch this video regarding the arrests of Michael T. Pines:

    Michael T. Pines stole money from 7 families at Marin Family Action. He took their money, filed a class action suit, and then dropped the case.
    (, watch this video of the victim’s advocate speaking out on their behalf:

    These blog comments sum up attorney Michael T. Pines to a "T":

  2. A lawyer once told me prior to a prolonged legal dispute, "You will eventually wonder who the real enemy is". He was referring to his legal fees, which ended up being 3 times the final settlement costs. Once a lawyer gets involved, you lose.

  3. Michael Pines helped me get my mothers house back when another attorney charged us thousands of dollars and did nothing. We need more attorneys like Michael Pines. Michael Pines is a hero! Thanks fir helping my mother get her house back from those crooks!

  4. Wow, finally a lawyer that is NOT a crook! Now I'm sure the world is going to end in 2012!!!!

  5. Mussot: You are full of it. Pines HAS NEVER won a case against a lender, bank or mortgage company. He has never helped anyone. So, Mussot, aka Michael T. Pines -- stop drinking your own Kool-Aid.

  6. Found this online:

    Look what Michael T. Pines posted online just over a year ago on 01/30/10 (post #44). Now he’s completely contradicting himself and his posted comment. He is now telling his Bankruptcy Judge on the RECORD and the Trustee and the Trustee’s attorney in his Bankruptcy case ON THE RECORD that he “gets all his clients houses for free” which is absolutely false, he’s never even won a case against a lender, and he’s lying to a Judge a Trustee – ON THE RECORD. There are bankruptcy court transcripts available to prove Pines completely contradicts this comment he posted on 01/30/10 on this site: (MTP post #44)

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    This is my last post for the day as I have spent too much time too.
    I want to agree with CGabhart about one thing.
    "Selling homeonwers a pipe dream about getting their house for free for $3000" is criminal.

    I abhor the attorneys, loan mod companies, and others who do this. They are being stopped by the authorities.

    Michael T. Pines



    Last year it was: “criminal”.
    Last year it was: “I abhor the attorneys, loan mod companies, and others who do this.”

    Pines, get your opinion STRAIGHT. This year it’s a different story with Michael T. Pines. This year, Pines is saying the SAME THING he said he abhorred to unsuspecting clients he’s ripping off.

    Funny, how a little greed can change your perspective on things. Pines is on the “you get a free house when you hire me” bandwagon. 100% fabrication on his part. Pines needs a memory refresher of the cases he's represented foreclosure clients and himself in – NO WINS. None. Nada. Not. One. Win. But he’s not telling you that, is he? Just do a CASE search in the areas he practices: San Diego, Vista, Riverside, Simi Valley, Mill Valley, Ventura, San Francisco, Marin – Not a win. Not. One. Win.

  7. Sick Thief Michael T.Pines DISBARRED by the State Bar of California:

    Victims of Pines, sue the sicko and get your money back.
    Pines doesn't have a dime, but you can put a lien on his bank accounts. His mommy has been supporting him for YEARS, so it's just a matter of time before she keels over dead at 80+ years old and leaves him an inheritance.


    Attorney Search

    Michael T Pines - #77771
    Current Status: Disbarred

    This member is prohibited from practicing law in California by order of the California Supreme Court.

    See below for more details.
    Profile Information

    The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California.
    Bar Number: 77771
    Address: Pines & Associates
    701 Palomar Airport Rd Ste 300
    Carlsbad, CA 92011 Phone Number: (760) 453-0131
    Fax Number: (760) 301-0093
    County: San Diego
    Undergraduate School: Univ of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh PA
    District: District 4
    Sections: None Law School: Univ of San Diego SOL; San Diego CA
    Status History
    Effective Date Status Change
    Present Disbarred
    11/16/2012 Disbarred
    5/1/2011 Not Eligible To Practice Law
    12/21/1977 Admitted to The State Bar of California

    Explanation of member status
    Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law
    Effective Date Description Case Number Resulting Status

    Disciplinary and Related Actions

    Overview of the attorney discipline system.
    11/16/2012 Disbarment 10-O-10600 Disbarred
    6/14/2012 Ordered inactive 10-O-10600 Not Eligible To Practice Law
    12/30/2011 Interim suspension after conviction 10-C-10151 Not Eligible To Practice Law
    8/21/2011 Ordered inactive 10-O-10600 Not Eligible To Practice Law
    5/1/2011 Inactive - Irreparable injury (6007c) 11-TE-10948 Not Eligible To Practice Law

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    7/1/2011 Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees Not Eligible To Practice Law

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    Effective Date Case Number Description
    11/16/2012 10-O-10600 Decision [PDF] [WORD]
    12/30/2011 10-C-10151 Interim Suspension Order [PDF]
    8/21/2011 10-O-10600 Order re Entry of Default [PDF]
    5/1/2011 11-TE-10948 Decision [PDF] [WORD]
    Pending 10-C-10151 Initiating Document [PDF]