Monday, April 25, 2016

Moses Kook

Happy Passover to our Jewish friends!


  1. I don't get the Metallica insertion?
    (They suck!)

  2. I thought it was the street fair at night.

  3. Ah ha, the 'blog master' finally shows his true colors and that he's a Jew!

    HAPPY Passover is an oxymoron. The point is that even today Jews, even many non-religious Jews, celebrate a holiday with zero historical accuracy. The exodus of Jews out of Egypt never happened. There were no Jewish slaves in Egypt. Ever. Even many Jews in Israel agree. Some say the story is a metaphor. But what for? The premise of the “metaphor” is that Jews are better than Egyptians...ah...that’s called racism or Jewish Supremacy. The holiday is literally about hating another people while holding yourself to divine esteem. Despite whether or not you believe that Moses actually led Jewish slaves out of Egypt, why continue to celebrate a holiday with a sole purpose of reminding you how much you hate Egyptians?

    And if you do believe the Exodus story without a single shred of evidence, I still find it rather absurd to celebrate god’s racism by going through a list of equally absurd rituals. You can get drunk without being a racist.