Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Want to SEE what a 48' building looks like? Live demo Wednesday 5pm

From the Inbox: 

Measure T will raise height limits from the current 30' to 48' - but that increase can be hard to imagine. 

Come see a live demo of what 48' will actually look like:

Wednesday, October 26, 5 p.m.

City Hall parking lot - 505 S. Vulcan Ave.    

An example: 48' (red balloon) vs. 30' (green balloon) measured from the City Hall parking lot will obliterate the library's ocean view – and City Hall is on the upzone map!


  1. More Ivory Towers for inefficient, over-paid city slackers. The pave-over of Encinitas in progress. Shell out more quarter-million dollar retirements to these parasites.

  2. The infrastructure in place in the coastal region of Encinitas is already beyond capacity. Road traffic and parking problems already make living here a big problem...

    Yet the developers will always want to proceed with bigger without the infrastructure - especially on the coast where they can get more profits to develop.

    Time for the City and Citizens to say a big NO to prop T and the over-development of the Encinitas coast.

    1. The City needs the money and is willing to overlook infrastructure issues.

      It is voters who have to say a big NO, as our City/Council won't do it for us.

  3. 10:10 AM so true. I was on another site where Lisa Shaffer had the nerve to say she hates Density Bonus, but it's up to us to talk to Sacramento...isn't that WHY we elect people to do that for us, to represent us? I know this has little to do with HEU, but it was a cop out, something every single city council we have had since 1986 has become good at....DOING NOTHING.

    1. 12:22, I've had the same experience with Shaffer. She's big on sending residents Sacramento's way. She's small on standing up for us at SANDAG.

      She's been a cop out since day one on the job. All her excuses are a variation of "No one told me," "I understood," "this is what staff said."

  4. Pro T creates more property tax revenue allowing for the big salaries and bigger pensions that public workers have come to expect.
    Vote no on T.

    1. That's exactly what it's about. No other reason to create 230+ pages unless you want to bury the stuff folks would vote against in order to sneak past the stuff you do want to pass.

      Passing this propzilla will create revenue, make the developers' payday, and kill the town as we know and love it.

      Vote NO on T.

    2. All of the city ticks get paid whether they have anything to do or not. Let's not for get that Teresa Barth pushed through the first $1.3 million in wasted funds to hire MIG so that planners "could keep busy." Later she agreed to let MIG recycle General Plans from other cities for which they had already been paid to "save money." The Barthists also fought for millions of more dollars spent on Norby, Peak Democracy, marketing firms and other wasted programs. This Prop T is just the latest version of a plan to benefit developers and City ticks at the expense of other residents and our quality of life.

  5. And how much is the city wasting on push ads in social media? Or is it the developers paying to bombard us every few hours with your " we all agree on T " hype? Well you are obviously struggling in the face of a sure defeat. NO on T !

  6. The Truth About Measure T.
    1. Increases density up to 41 units per acre
    2. Adds up to 4,000 high-density housing units
    3. Raises building height from 30’ to 48’
    4. Creates gridlock from 20,000 additional cars per day
    5. Requires no affordable housing
    6. Lacks onsite parking requirements, forces cars onto adjacent streets
    7. Empowers Planning Director alone to approve 90% of development
    8. Provides huge profits for developers with no benefits to residents
    9. Destroys community character and lowers property values
    10. Removes Prop A protections, eliminates future housing update votes

    Send this back and demand a better plan!

    Brought to you by resident volunteers

    Paid for by “Committee Opposed To Encinitas Measure T,” FPPC# pending

    1. 11:29 Please explain #7. Hasn't it been debunked?

    2. By whom? Lisa? If that's you're referring, to, no. If you mean Lisa, as usual she took her "expert" info from staff and copied/pasted. She needs to do her own homework.

      She continues to embarrass herself.

    3. 9:04 It doesn't matter who did or didn't debunk it. Is #7 correct? If so, where in the Measure T doc is the confirmation?

    4. 10:51, do a word search for "approve" in the online materials. You'll find half a dozen places where the PD gets the final say. Or look in the 230+ pages at all the boxes where it states who gets the final say.

      That's where the confirmation is, in the source materials.

    5. 11:12 Is that where the 90% calculation came from?

      The latest post from the T opponents omitted the 90% claim, leading readers to think it was wrong in the first place.

      I already voted NO on T and encourage others to do the same.

  7. Voting a BIG NO on T. AND Not voting for anyone on ballot that supports measure T !!!!!

  8. Unfortunately, I had to grit my teeth and vote for Catherine because I wish to end the Gaspar Grab. I didn't vote for ANYONE for council. Tony says he's against T but he's not convincing.