Thursday, September 16, 2010

So this is what they were hiding!

The Dalager / Stocks / Bond Council of Three has been stonewalling the release of the road condition report.

Now we know why.

Under pressure of recent court filings and efforts of Tony Kranz, the city released their streets condition assessment today.

The version of the report released today indicates that the city has over $17 million in deferred streets maintenance. The city currently spends about $2 million on streets maintenance and much of that is funded from outside the city. The version of the report released today indicates that $9.4million/year needs to be spent to catch up with the backlog of deffered maintenance.

The Director of Engineering has not responded to requests (sent yesterday) to orient the ETA to the report and allow the public access to the modeling software used to produce the report. There are only two staff working days before Wednesday's meeting.

The city required half a year to review this report, which was originally authored by a consultant. The city is still withholding the consultant's original work and records that outline what changes were made by the city, and why the changes were made.

The city has been spending far too little on road repair so that they could wander off and jack up union pensions by 40% and overpay for the Hall Property, Mossy property, and other properties by millions of dollars.

I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg and Encinitas is in far worse fiscal condition than its ruling triumvirate want us to believe.

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