Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet the new boss

... same as the old boss.

Jane Twining-Blair and the developers succeeded in purchasing the swing city council seat for airhead Kristin Gaspar, who has no positions and no knowledge of anything other than that she wants to put 90' stadium lights in Cardiff. The Jerome Stocks 3-2 union-developer majority is preserved.

The best government money can buy.


  1. Yep - they realized Dalager was damaged goods, so they made a clone and sold her to the voters. The deceptive mailers and tons of signs apparently still influence the uninformed. She will take her marching orders from $tock$ - business as usual.
    Good riddance to Dalager - in his unappreciative manner, he told the press he could make more money at minimum wage than with the city. Let's see you swing another $100K loan while working at McDonalds, Danny boy. Good riddance - he was always an embarrassment to the city. A law should be passed rescinding city pensions if one is convicted of malfeasance in office - keep these individuals honest. Will the DA charge Dalager? I doubt it - she is part of the good old boys club and will cut Danny slack.

  2. Now months later and still no decision on Dalager from the DA - it's a cover up. Dumanis is a corrupt politician.

  3. Still waiting, Dumanis - apparently the law is selective in its application. Danny Boy gets a pass on corruption in politics.