Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pacific View McMansions denied: a tale of dual fiscal mismanagements


That was my reaction to the 4-0 city council decision to deny EUSD's request to re-zone Pacific View Elementary for McMansions.

Surprise that Dan Dalager would recuse himself over a financial interest conflict.

Surprise that Stocks and Bond finally found a development they didn't like.

The city council has painted itself into a corner with massive pension liabilities so that they need the new tax base that new development brings. That was Dalager's plan all along: make his city worker buddies rich with outrageous pensions, and then pay for it by letting his devloper buddies develop everything in sight.

The EUSD, for its part, was trying to follow the Schwarzenegger death spiral plan of selling assets to fund operating budgets. This just after persuading voters to take on 30 years of debt to fund a few years' worth of technology.

Have we turned a new page? Will we get more reasonable development and real pension reform? Much hinges on the unknown new council member Kristin Gaspar. Kristin, are you with us or are you against us?


  1. No surprise that $tock$ and Bond voted against this rezoning proposal and in no way does it reflect a change of their pro-development attitude. This council vote was merely symbolic from the start, as it was hopelessly deadlocked, without the possibility of a quorum. With a room full of energized community activists adamantly against this senseless measure, it would have been tantamount to political suicide to vote for it. Remember, $tock$ is coming back for reelection in 2012; Bond is an unknown. Knowledgable citizens who are vocal scare every politician and the pols must pretend to listen to their constituent base, especially when reelection is in the offing. The issue is far from over; School Superintendent Baird insinuated that the School District might sue the city to provide them "options", those options being unclear legally. The ONLY way I'll believe that $tock$ or Bond have turned a 'new leaf' is when they develop ways to acquire this property for the permanent use in the public domain - don't hold your breath on that one!

  2. Dalagar recused himself so he could filch the toaster out of the city council chamber room - his retirement gift.

  3. Yes indeed...Kristin who are you?

  4. Gaspar ran on the same ticket as Dalager and was supported by $tock$ et al - give you an idea where she'll stand??