Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Methheads caught following Amazon truck to steal Christmas presents

Christmas brings out the best in some people. The worst in others.

Yesterday brought news of the Walmart layaway Santa. Today we learn about the other end of the spectrum of humanity.

Times of San Diego:
The Sheriff’s department have arrested a man and woman who followed an truck in Encinitas on Tuesday and stole packages on its delivery route.

The truck was driving in Encinitas at about 3 pm, when its driver noticed it was being followed by a Dodge Charger, according to a news statement from the San Diego Sheriff’s department.

The driver then noticed one of the car’s occupants would get out of the car and take packages after he dropped them off, said the Sheriff’s department.

After observing this, the driver called 9-1-1 and kept their dispatcher updated, according to the Sheriff’s department. The deputies were then able to locate the vehicle and arrest the occupants.
The Walmart Santa was a local. The Amazon Grinches were from San Diego.

UPDATE: The thieves achieved international fame due to their carefully considered to-do list:

Audrey: I wouldn't hire this one if I were you.


  1. So why are Encinitas leaders always sooo far behind Carlsbad leaders?

    Is it because they are soooo focused on selling out the existing residents for higher profits for developers??

  2. @6:09
    Yeah, we saw this exact off-topic post in the comments yesterday. Personally, I will never follow that link.

    Pro tip" if you're going to keep trying to hijack threads for your own agenda, at least join us in the 21st century and use different text. A a URL shortener might help hide your laziness, too.

  3. Why is the Sheriff dept. patrolling the beach in December? While walking near Beacon's yesterday I was passed by deputies twice. The first time the the deputy was driving a red Encinitas lifeguard truck, the second time there were multiple officers in a dune buggy vehicle. Why is this necessary?

    1. Pork barrel shifts - so much for the Sheriffs'over-time pay thing being "more prudent" expenditure. They also trade shifts to get overtime - this practice should be curtailed. Better that the cops should trail the delivery trucks and catch these thieves.

    2. "Why is this necessary?"

      It could be necessary because someone found something dangerous on the beach, or someone called 911 to report a crime, or there was a scheduled training for dealing with summer problems or a tsunami.

      If you are really curious, you could go ask the Sheriff's Dept for an explanation and then post conclusions based on actual facts.

    3. The Sherriffs are always cruising the Beach. What a waste of tax money. They should be giving tickets on the 101. I never see anyone getting a ticket in Encinitas

    4. Those deputies were doing their job...chasing a drug dealer that jumped off a cliff in the 200 block of people like to type away and ask silly questions and make as swipe assumptions....they were doing their job. That's all you need to worry about

  4. Would you rather risk your life or hang out at the beach?

  5. So Carlsbad is moving forward with a cut and cover option for their railroad tracks that Encinitas Residents have been begging the City to push on SANDAG and NCTD for years. Amazing when a "City" like Carlsbad listens and reacts to the quality of life issues of residents more than a city of half the size.

    To me it shows how unfocused the vision is for the City. They spend their efforts trying to push national social agendas, finger painting, and trophy projects instead of addressing the real City Issues.

    Looking forward to some logical thinking new Council members in 2016.

  6. The election is in November, so it's really 2017...

  7. What happened to the days when criminals caught red handed got their names published in articles about their crimes? Good to know they weren't from North County though. And why are California Poppies blooming in 101's medians? Don't they know it might snow any day?

  8. Another additional to their list:

    *Mug Santa fer presents
    *Distract bell-ringer and grab Salvation Army Pot
    *Buy meth from clem
    *Figger out Wise Mens' route and loot the presnts
    *Merry Christmas from Cell Block 8!