Sunday, December 6, 2015

Housing forum this Thursday

From the Inbox:
Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Two of our Council members, Lisa Shaffer and Mark Muir, are hosting and moderating an important Housing Forum to address the question of how Encinitas can achieve a certified Housing Element.

The Forum will be held on Thursday, December 10, 7:00-9:00 pm at the Encinitas Library (540 Cornish Drive) in the community room. The proposed agenda is as follows:

7:00 - 7:30 pm: Informal mingling and snacks

7:30 - 7:35 pm: Introduction/Welcome (Muir & Shaffer)

7:35 - 7:40 pm: Status of Housing Element Update (Muir & Shaffer)

7:40 - 8:30 pm: Presentations (10 minutes each) and Q & A
California Housing and Community Development Department (agency that implements housing law and certifies housing plans) - Glen Campora, Ass’t Deputy Director
Community representatives - C. J. Minster, Susan Turney, and Gerald Sodomka
Shea Homes (develops market-rate housing) - Paul Barnes
Chelsea Investments and Habitat for Humanity (develop affordable housing) - Matt Grosz (Chelsea investments) and Lori Hold Pfeiler (Habitat for Humanity)

8:30 - 9:00 pm: Informal mingling

We urge you to make a valiant effort to attend. We are hoping for a good turnout, so please come early enough to get a seat.

Thanks for taking an interest in the future of Encinitas.

C.J. Minster, Jerry Sodomka, and Susan Turney


  1. I'm going for the mingling and snacks.

  2. Shea Homes
    Aren't they responsible for the apartments on North Vulcan that stand atop some 8 feet of fill? And the 1 Channel Islands development between Saxony and QGD, too many big houses on dinky lots, with no shared amenities (such as a playground)?

    With friends like Shea we don't need ISIS.

    1. Former Encinitas Planning Director Joanne Shannon is married to Greg Shannon. Greg Shannon was a VP of hihg density mixed used development with Shea Homes, and proposed the high density upzoning development at the Solana Beach train station- that residents opposed and defeated- for now.

    2. Yeah her planning commission vote to approve any project in front of her was a given.

  3. Habitat for Humanity
    They built some affordable homes south of Leucadia Blvd between I5 and Saxony.

    Their story might be interesting.

  4. At last, some true transparency on Plannings' HEU will be forthcoming. It is a shame it takes observant citizens to bring this out.

    As was repeatedly overheard at these city sponsored presentations, staff was unhindered by the truth of what this plan, if accepted, will being to this community.

    One would think our representatives would defend us from false future population figures and the limitations that this community clearly wants, as regard to Prop A.

    Shamefully, that is not Plannings' intent with their ideas for OUR future.

    If there is one thing we citizens can do, it is to show up Thursday and hear the whole truth. We have not gotten that from Planning and won't. Pack the Encinitas library room this Thursday and show you give a heck.

  5. Thanks C.J. Jerry and and Susan. Your help makes all of the difference in this. Lorri

  6. Teresa Barth and Patrick Murphy are the parents of "the Ugly Baby" that you will meet on Thursday night. This five-year project has always been about "giving planners something to keep them busy," and bringing in high density development at the expense of quality of life for those who already live here.

    Go to the meeting and see who makes more sense. Are the citizen volunteers more credible or the planners, developers and consultants who have tapped into taxpayers funds? They have already spent millions of dollars of YOUR money to push this agenda.

    Who do you trust?

  7. We know full well who we can't trust. If the pubic had the ability fire those most deserving Manjeet, Masih, and various other planners would be long gone.

    While attending several of the HEU hard sell events, the 'truthiness' of what every planner was overheard spouting to the less informed public was shameful. Every planner needed to be followed around and corrected on what this turd was really all about.

    They do not work for us, but we sure have pay them handsomely to screw us over, time and time again.

    Come Thursday, much will be brought to light along with the usual trolls like Meyer and his kind, who have no shame and care not a wit for our community. Their bottom line reigns supreme.

    Thank you Susan, Jerry and CJ for stepping up come Thursday. Pack the room. Occupy, occupy, occupy. It is about time we drown out those profiteers who are selling out our future quality of life.

    We are a special community and deserve so much better than we are getting from our council, who continue to let their staff run wild on their own, bending to the will of a few developers and real estate interests.

    1. I'll be there.

      But not to "occupy" and "drown out" others.

      If you want to pursuade the electorate, make your points but be respectful of others who have a different opinion.

      Nobody comes to an event like this and sees a pack of shouting jackasses and leaves wanting to join that club.

  8. This meeting was organized by Shaffer and Muir. They invited Susan, Jerry & CJ so there would be a balanced and informative presentation. If all you can do is scream no one will listen to you.

  9. If you want to have an impact, BANG POTS.

  10. Chimpanzees bang pots.

  11. 'Occupy' as in encouraging as many of the public as possible to attend and not to disrupt. Jeez. Some can't help but take anything to its extremes. See you all there in an hour.