Sunday, March 19, 2017

Encinitas drunk driving rate much higher than San Diego Gaslamp district on St. Patrick's Day

10 News:
In the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego Police set up a checkpoint near the San Diego ShamROCK block party. Of the 1,699 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint, police screened 76 vehicles, SDPD officer Tony Martinez.

During those screenings, 18 drivers were detained for further evaluation, with six being arrested.


In the North County, San Diego Sheriff's deputies stationed a DUI checkpoint in the 1800 block of South Coast Highway in Encinitas from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday.

Of the 878 vehicles that passed through that checkpoint, 41 were sent to secondary screening. During those screenings, 11 drivers were evaluated for being under the influence, of which eight were arrested - five for alcohol-related impairment and three for drugs impairment, according to SDSO deputy Brenda Sipley.


  1. This is not news to those of us who live here.

    The sheriff want to stand by the lie that things downtown are improving?

    Any ex or current council members pulled over and booked?

  2. Let's just stop this bar madness already! Encinitas is just crazy about bars and it is a disgusting downfall of our city. More bars = more problems.

  3. But downtown Encinitas is vibrant!

    You don't want to sacrifice that, do you?

  4. We should all be so proud that our city has such a "fine" reputation. We need more drinking establishments city council. You're getting a little lax.

  5. Yes 6:45, what was I thinking?? Vibrancy at all cost, you're so right!

    Can I get an "amen" from local boy Tony?

  6. Don't despair! There's a beer-tasting place going in next to Surfy Surfy.

    We have to maintain our reputation.

    Make Leucadia vibrant!

  7. Did Boozey O'Kranzegan woop it up downtown with his developer buddies?

  8. Did the Union ever get its permit for the outdoor patio? Boozey will assist them for an open bar tab....

  9. If the Union ever gets its patio permit, it should come with a mandatory earlier closing time for the whole operation, 10pm, maybe midnight at the latest.

    Now Surfy Surfy has a bar that wants to come into the other half of the same building. Gee thanks Keith Harrison. Just what our community needs the least.

    No more bars.

    What about the useless ABC that approves every request that they get, even when there is a law that states no serving less than a 100' from residential homes.

    The neighbors 20' behind Pandora's Pizza pleaded with the Planning Commission to deny Pandora's manager Craig Leslie a permit for his Leucadia Club operation, and thanks mostly to Greg Drakos insistence that this serving permit be approved, the family 20' across the back alley gave up and put their family home up for sale.

    Shameful. A young family was chased out of their home because another serving permit was more important to the Planning Commission than respecting the pleas of residents. Shameful.

    No more bars.

  10. Bars are American. Having someone tell you how you can or cannot make a living is unAmerican. Only a fool who try and raise a family across the street from a restaurant or bar hoping that it would go away. You NIMBY's can go *uck yourselves. Downtown will become another PB where young Americans can meet one another. Get over it and stop trying to control and dominate peoples lives!

    1. You are obviously another transplant who knows nothing about Encinitas. Theres nothing wrong with development that fits in with and contributes to the character of the neghiborhoods and the residents who live there. Its the greedy developers who dont care about how there developments cause problems for the residents of the city. It seems like many developers only care about the bottom line which is why you see Keith Harrison doing things like building accessory structures (building 2 houses on lots orignally zoned for one structure) then renting those properties out. He doesnt care if his property is the only one in the neghiborhood with a seperate detached house that takes up at least half of the backyard so that the structure is literally staring into the neghibors property. He doent add additional parking for the increased density unless mandated by the city. I understand a developers incentive is profit but too many developers especially those who arent from Encinitas only care about profits and not about the community. Also to the last poster Downtown Encinitas will never be PB for so many reasons that I wont waste my time spelling them all out. That makes me think you must not know what your talking about. No one told you how you can or cannot make a living. You can still open a bar just find a spot that makes sense for the community or find a spot where you wont have to worry about nearby residents. PB is a great example because it has the second highest violent crime rate in all of San Diego. (source: ARJIS)