Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Face slashed with broken bottle in dads' brawl at Capri fundraiser

Del Mar Times:
A Capri Elementary School parent is accused of slashing another parent’s face with a broken bottle at a fundraiser for the school over the weekend.

The alleged incident occurred on March 25 at the Hilton Del Mar, where the Encinitas school’s PTA was hosting its Run for the Roses Spring Auction Gala. What was advertised as a “fun evening out with other Capri Families” turned violent when a fight allegedly broke out between the two fathers.

“There was a dispute between two parties,” said Officer Billy Hernandez of the San Diego Police Department, which is handling the case. “During the dispute, the victim was struck in the face with a glass.”

Paul Pfingst, the suspect’s attorney, said his client was provoked when the victim insulted the client’s wife.

"His wife was subjected to intolerable insults and that was caused this whole sorry event to take place,” Pfingst said, adding he would not repeat the comments that were made.


  1. I'll take Pfingst over Bonnie any day of the week...

  2. Let's see: a ego ridden Olivenhain lawyer, witch a cocktail in a "bucket", cold cocks a dad in the stupid of a d*ckhead is this guy?! Can you say "adios partner in said law firm". D*bag

  3. So ex-DA Pfingst thinks its alright to cut up a person's face because of "insults"? No wonder he is an ex-DA. Remind me to not get involved with Capri Elementary PTA functions.

  4. Way to represent Olivenhain, dude......
    Over the years this place has been like the wild west!!

    - The Sculpin

  5. That goes for you too.

  6. I wonder why their kids go to Capri instead of OPE. Wouldn't be surprised if the kids have behavioral issues.

    Whatever was said, it must've been pretty bad!

  7. So thankful I moved to Oceanside! My husband, my older son and I all attended Capri. It was the best. Now Oceanside feels so old Leucadia days. Good luck citizens of New Enci.....

  8. And why is an ENCINITAS PTA not holding their function in Encinitas? Has this town got so bad that f-Ing Del Mar is preferable.

    Words have consequences, someone who is old enough to know this just got reminded. He now has a scar to remind him. I would have no problem hiring a lawyer who f-ed up a womanizing bully.

    1:41. If you are so thankful you moved then why are you lurking on Encinitas Undercover? Stil trying to convince yourself Oceanside is more desirable? Yeah, don't forget to lock your doors tonight. Your graffiti is more attractive than the Kook, you do have that going for you. My guess is that there are a lot of people in Leucadia that are thankful you moved too.

    1. Rumor has it the victim was asked to take a picture and when the Attackers wife (who is very fit and attractive) said can you re-take I look fat... the victim said with a smile "Oh, yeah you look really fat" Handed phone back to the lady only to turn around to getting blindsided by a beer bottle.... lovely.

    2. Clearly all you've heard are the rumors and not the true story. The so-called "victim" was running around sexually harassing women by pulling up their dresses all night. Then when he made derogatory comments to this poor woman, he was told to apologize and refused. Get your facts straight before you go posting. It wasn't even a beer bottle. Ridiculous.

  9. I would go to more PTA meetings if I knew this kind of entertainment was provided.