Friday, April 7, 2017

Motorcyclist killed on I-5

Southbound, south of Encinitas Boulevard. Avoid the area and be safe out there.

UPDATE: Lane-splitting and hit-and-run:
The rider was splitting lanes when the motorcycle crashed into a Toyota that was changing lanes, from the No.1 to the No. 2 lane, about 5 p.m. south of Encinitas Boulevard, the CHP said.

The impact caused the rider and bike to slide under a big rig traveling in the No. 3 lane. The trailer’s left, rear tires ran over the motorcycle and rider, the CHP said.


The Toyota driver did not stop after the crash, the CHP said.

UPDATE: Victim identified as 24-year-old Christopher Isaacs of San Diego.


  1. Lane splitting is brain splitting.

    1. Human red crayon.

    2. One less set of straight pipes.

    3. Lane splitting should be illegal.