Friday, April 28, 2017

Yes on east-side Rail Trail?

From the Yes on (east-side) Rail Trail folks:

The plan for an east-side alignment of the Cardiff Rail Trail was left for dead after the Encinitas City Council bowed to the demands of a well organized opposition campaign in March of 2016, voting to endorse a west-side alignment along Route 101 and stranding Cardiff residents who wanted to walk, run, and bike along San Elijo Avenue.

The east-side alignment is now back from the grave. The rail trail alignment issue will go before the California Coastal Commission in early May. Correspondence between Commission staff and SANDAG during the latter part of 2016 indicates that Commission staff are opposed to the west-side alignment.

If the Coastal Commission votes against the west-side alignment, then the original plan for running the trail along the east side of the tracks may be resurrected.


  1. Coastal Commission staff wield so much power with mere recommendations. While the CC board theoretically has to vote on those recommendations, many cities and property owners give up if the staff recommendation is against them. A real abuse of power.

  2. Unbelievable. So Catherine Blakespear may get her polished cement sidewalk in front of the Cardiff beach house that her feminist mom gave her after racking up $350,000 in private school tuition? This girl has the Midas touch and she wears the pants just like her mom did. Winning! Her poor cuckold husband, imagine having to come home to that ball buster every night and no to mention that "I must break you" she/male body of hers...all muscle but no boobs....vomit:(

  3. I remember Mike Strong presented some back story to the CMLS advisory group at one of their meetings while he was still working here. He said that the State of California State Legislature already weighed in on the location. It was approved to be in the rail corridor.

    I fished it from the coastal conservancy website.

    You should know where this is going.

    And you thought the State only got in the way of cities with housing issues....

    1. Here's what the report actually says:

      "Support local agency efforts to devel-
      op a safe pedestrian and bicycle trail
      along the railroad right-of-way west
      of State Highway 1 between the cities
      of Carlsbad and Del Mar."

      It's a recommendation. It clearly says WEST of the coast highway. Of course, the trail is on the east side of coast highway in Solana Beach and will be on the east side of the highway across San Elijo lagoon. Putting it on the west side of the train track in Cardiff will only continue what is further south.

    2. It also clearly says railroad right of way.

      I wonder how the taxpayer oversight committee would think of SANDAG staff spending money on something that they are not authorized to do. They are spending our tax dollars on infrastructure design projects that are not in the right location. All RTP and regional BMP docs put the CRT in the san elijo location. Those are directives to SANDAG staff.

  4. Come on, get real. The rail trail is not going to be moved back to the east side.

    That it ever was in the first place is because of we all who.

    Moving it back there against the wishes of the city is not going to happen. It should have always been along the coast highway. Cyclers were never going to divert off the 101, and why would they?

    This is a multi coastal city endeavor and all those cyclers were never going to ride on the east side.

    We can all agree something is warranted for San Elijo, but not to the extreme measures that were proposed that would have altered the natural state of the trail and the destruction that would have ensued had it been allowed to continue on the east side.

    The state and CCC know where we stand now. They should mauve from the start, but were not. Or rather, certain council members, mostly one, tried to make a decision for us that should have been vetted and was not.

    If they had asked us, council could have saved much embarrassment and avoided the organizing of the populace that sure let them know they were way off base. A vocal minority tried to decide for the large majority and we all know who they were too.

    It is either going to be on the 101, or it isn't going to be approved at all, while other city's make progress without all the needless drama that we didn't need to have here.

    1. To be fair, the SE alignment is in a lot of local plans that were developed with public input and adopted. Two versions of the Bikeway Master Plan and the LCP of the General Plan.

      But you knew that. I'm guessing that because they were adopted by a previous council, you don't think that they should count. But there is the problem. The Council that "moved" the CRT to the 101 didn't do anything to those legal documents.

      The Council that "moved" it to the 101 is also not sitting over the issue. A new Council is.

      I put "moved" in quotation marks, because they never really moved it.

  5. Mayor Blakespear told some that she's hoping the Coastal Commission votes NO and it's returned to the East Side Alignment as she promised.

    I was surpised to hear this, since I thought she changed her mind from the East Side to the West Side.

    Which is it?

  6. This trail will end up on the east side. The Blakespeare flip flop was politics as usual. CYA during an election year.

  7. The east side makes sense downtown to del mar contiguously. Anyone with kids should embrace this plan, unless of course this is your parking lot for contractors and entertaining or over-crowding Swamis.

    1. It ain't gonna be on the east side of tracks from downtown to Del Mar, but on the east side of 101 and the west side of the tracks from Chesterfield south. From E Street to north of Encinitas Blvd who the heck knows where it will go. On 101 or Vulcan? Worthwhile to take a drive, bike ride or stroll to actually see the physical conditions.

      Gregg Cox, the San Diego Commissioner, has been quoted as saying the alignment on the west side of the tracks in Cardiff should not be a problem with the Commission. SANDAG is already modifying plans.

  8. Once angain Encinitas puts the cart before the horse. Lower the train morons, lower the train.

  9. Dustin Campbell, you don't know squat, and I will bet you a contribution to some charity, that you couldn't be more wrong. The rail trail will be on the 101.

    The more pertinent question is why you hold onto this failed idea.

    Greg Cox, Gaspar, Sandag, and a couple of others, are in favor of the preffered alignment on the coast highway.

    Me thinks, you have other motivations. Give it up. The rail trail will be on the 101.

    For a review, read Catherines latest newsletter and then tell us that it will end up on San Elijo and Vulcan. You are dead wrong.

    The CCC will not go against this alignment. Do feel free to attend the upcoming meeting and let us know what you learn.

    1. You got a bet! What's your name?

    2. So, the supervisors are willing to amend the RTP EIR? EIR is based on VMT reductions, which in part is based on new bikeway facilities. Bike facility on the 101 is existing.

      This sounds like a mess. Somebody call Marco!

    3. Why not do both alignments, everyone wins...

    4. 9:45 nailed it.

      No one else here understands it.

      If CCC accepts the 101 alignment, then the EIR for the regional transportation plan may need to be redone. The EIR used additional bike lanes to mitigate some traffic. Since there is already bike lane capacity on 101, making it nicer still doesn't make it additive.

      If the 101 alignment runs afoul of the RTP EIT, then CCC will absolutely push it to the east side.

  10. 10:58am. Hard to have a bet with an anonymous coward. Show yourself and we'll see how brave your comments and bets are.

  11. Time will tell. You will still be a dick however, and a wrong one at that, about the final placement of the rail trail.

    Your neighbors mounted an effective campaign to stop the misalignment from where it should have been in the first place. Good on them.

    Feel secure in your position while you can. It ain't gonna happen. Take it up with your neighbors on San Elijo who organized such an effective and productive citizen supported action. You know who they are. They probably know all they need to about you to.

    Here is an idea. Hold your breath until the rail trail is built on San Elijo.

    1. More paper tiger talk hiding behind an anonymous computer screen. I live on coneflower street by the way. Not many houses on the street. You're welcome to come by and call me a dick. And no I won't hold my breath for your visit.

    2. Corrected link:

  12. That explains all anyone needs to know. Like minds bring like attitudes.

  13. Funny how the personal anonymous attacks continue. I'm a "profiteer" living in a rented 1000 sq. Ft. home in Pacific Serena with a family of 5. And I'm somehow aligned with Jerome because he was mayor during a modest 4 acre development in 05. And I'm somehow aligned with Mike Andreen because I knew him as a retail customer in the 90's. 45 years in Encinitas and this is what you get for putting your name to an opinion on a trail that's good for your young family. This is what disappoints me most about the recent locals in our town. My name will remain on all posts so fire away anonymous cowards.

  14. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Own it.

    You seem to be confusing EU with other sites where there is no anonymity, except through intentional misrepresentation that goes on anyway.

    Calling out others on this site for not giving their names is disingenuous. Perhaps you are better served on Facebook and their like.

    You are not the only one here on EU with just was as long a residence in Encinitas, far from it.

    The choice to remain anonymous is to each his own. That choice has nothing to do with being a coward, as you label them. Think before you print, next time.