Thursday, April 15, 2010

City Council Mudslinging: Stocks vs. Barth

Sounds like there's a lot of bad blood on the City Council.

Sure would be nice to know what's in that envelope:

A long-simmering conflict between several Encinitas City Council members moved into the public spotlight Wednesday evening when Councilman Jerome Stocks sought to unveil what he said were legal documents related to "petty political grievances" filed by Councilwoman Teresa Barth.

"I believe that this City Council must daylight these reports so that the press and the public can see what one council member ... unilaterally has insisted we squander taxpayer dollars on in her attempt to intimidate, harass and silence Mayor Dan Dalager and me," Stocks said, as he held up a large envelope marked "confidential."

Stocks said that his envelope contained two privileged attorney-client reports that he couldn't release unless the council as a whole agreed to do so, and then he got permission from others on the council to place the issue on a future agenda. His request came during the final moments of Wednesday's council session when council members typically give informal reports on recent events they've attended.

Speaking by telephone after the meeting, Barth said Stocks was engaging in an election-year publicity stunt. Barth and Dalager's seats are both up for election this year.

"He's just trying to bully me," Barth said, adding that she has no problem with having the reports released. "I welcome a full, public discussion about the issues I raised."

Let's see it!

Would somebody with some inside info please spill the beans?

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