Thursday, April 22, 2010

Encinitas Pension Forum

I am amazed at how quickly the general public is catching on to the deadly serious but somewhat arcane public pension issue. People's attention spans don't usually go beyond issues that can be summed up in provocative catch phrases: "blood for oil," "death panels," etc.

Yet the public is catching on, and a backlash is growing against the public employee unions that are bleeding the taxpayers dry. We love teachers, firefighters, police, and state bureaucrats (OK, not the last group), but there's a limit to the pensions and benefits we can pay for. State workers used to accept lower salaries in exchange for job security and a reasonable pension. Now they get higher salaries than private sector workers, on top of gold-plated pensions and benefits.

The Encinitas Taxpayers Association and San Diego County Taxpayers Association are hosting a pension forum April 28 at 6pm at the library.

Jerome Stocks is not expected to attend.


  1. There are more and more people are asking about the pension related questions as they dont know enough on getting the pension.
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  2. Stocks will have a good excuse for not attending. He will be at the City Council meeting scheduled at the same time. Someone messed up.

    Too bad. Stocks needs to answer to the public on this question. But he never will. He has two more years to serve.

    But let's put the heat on Dalager and work to replace him with someone with more financial sense this November