Friday, June 4, 2010

Dirty NorCs to descend on Encinitas

Encinitas featured in the San Francisco Chronic:

Encinitas, halfway between San Clemente and San Diego, is a vestige of classic California beach culture that has all but succumbed to stratospherically priced homes inhabited by a generation to whom "working on myself" means attaining washboard abs rather than enlightenment. But partly because Swami's Beach remains a holy grail to hard-core surfers, good vibrations endure here.

Diversions include watching world-class surfing, exploring the 100-year-old downtown and meandering in soul-soothing gardens. If you need a vacation from life as well as work, this is the place.

Encinitas Cafe, Kim's, Swami's, and Pipe's are the restaurants mentioned. The Ocean Inn in Leucadia gets a favorable review. The public-transpo-hating NorCs suggest arriving by car rather than by train or bike.

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