Thursday, June 17, 2010

Killer bees of Encinitas

Last month we commented on recent sightings of swarms of bees in Encinitas. Since then, we've seen a swarm over Highway 101 at D Street.

Yesterday a landscaper at Manchester and El Camino Real disturbed a hive and was killed by hundreds of bee stings.

The victim was 54-year-old Marco Tulio Lazaro, a longtime gardener at Wiegand Ranch.


  1. That's very scary.

    Has the City of Encinitas taken action to eradicate this swarm?

    Randy Venier

  2. That's so sad. I've heard killer bees can go into attack mode very easily, like from small noises. I guess that's why they say not to bother killer bees if you see them, just get away.