Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shots fired, SWAT standoff at Tortilla Flats

10 News:

Authorities have responded to reports of shots fired in an Encinitas neighborhood.

A San Diego County Sheriff's Department official told 10News the incident happened in the 700 block of Del Rio Avenue.

The official said deputies were in the area as part of a stolen vehicle search when at some point shots were fired.

It remains unclear what prompted the gunfire and who fired the shots.

According to the sheriff's official, a deputy was injured in the incident but it is unknown if it is a gunshot wound.

A SWAT unit has been summoned to the scene.
Over the police scanner, we just heard that the officers have the suspect on the phone. Police are gathering at Del Rio and Puebla.

NBC7 is reporting a deputy was taken to Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla but was alert and in good spirits. They are also reporting that the sheriffs have surrounded 736 Del Rio, but from this picture, it looks like they are focused on the house next door, 748 Del Rio.

A neighbor told NBC7 that the shooter was a 20-something male who had a heroin problem and had threatened sheriffs before.

More scanner: "He's talking about coming out but nervous about it."

UPDATE: LA Times: crazy 22-year-old son of resident is shooter.

If the home is indeed 748 Del Rio, that would appear to be the home of Stephen and Michelle Kwik, who would be about the right age to be the suspect's parents.

UPDATE: Game over.


  1. WTF- How many hundreds of thousands of tax dollars plus all the disturbance to the community is this guy causing.

    Put the tweakier out of business. take him out and end this insanity.

    The helicopter has been flying around in circles for hours. Doing nothing positive. Stop the waste, take him out.

  2. The guy's surrounded by 300 cops, do they really need the helicopter anymore?

    How's he going to get away?

    What a complete waste of time and resources.

    End this silly game!

    1. Dorner was being chased by officers for days and still managed to get away several times. Better safe than sorry. You wouldn't be saying this was a complete waste if the situation went down differently and others were hurt.

    2. Apples and oranges 8:29

      In both cases law enforcement knew what both subjects were out to do.

      Dorner was a different animal altogether. He was out to kill specific people and had military and law enforcement training.

      The kid was just trying to commit suicide by cop because he couldn't shake an addiction. I don't think he really wanted to kill cops. He was just in pain and looking for a way to end his life.

      Fortunately the two deputies are going to be ok but a 22 year kid is dead because he thought there was no way out of his addiction and that is tragic.

      My heart and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this tragedy.

  3. Toss in the tear gas and let it burn.... He'll either come out running or game over.

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  5. Questions councilmembers should be asking and we want to know:

    So what time was the last contact with the addict and what time did they send in the robot?

    Why was the helicopter needed, when they had the home surrounded by mega SWAT.

    Why was 300 cops and umpteen number of other fighterman and others needed for this operation? Where they being paid and by whom? Overtime?

    Who made the call to keep the helicopter flying well past 10pm (over 8 hours of Helicopter air time has to be expensive)? I recommend firing the individual. And if its the Sheriff, I will not be voting for him again.

    Who is picking up the tab for this fiasco?

    1. Really?? Are we forgetting all the terrible events that have recently went down?? Dorner, Sandy Hook, Orange County and we wonder why law enforcement is on high alert and taking every precaution. My in-laws live very close to where this took place and i am thankful that every precaution was taken.

  6. Court documents show that Michelle Kwik filed a restraining order against her son, Evan Kwik, on February 14, 3013. Records also show two previous domestic violence cases filed by the mother against her son, in 2012 and 2011.]


  7. Last night council just unanimously approved a 5 year contract with the County Sheriff's Department that included pay raises with little to no conversation. So much for the "we need to look into all services and cost".

    That alright; the candidates can use that same sound bite "after" their term is up and their running again!

  8. Top of the world ma, top of the world.

  9. Just another day in Crazyville...

  10. Was told the kid shot himself. But that was just from one source. A neighbor a few blocks away.

  11. The cops are partially to blame for this incident. The mother, in her restraining order, stated that the kid wanted to die by "suicide by cop" and there was no follow up. Apparently the Sheriff declined to respond to the location on a previous occasion, as they didn't want a confrontation. I don't know how much more advance warning that authorities need to request someone in Mental Health Services investigate. Now you have one dead young man and two wounded officers - this might have been prevented by a follow-up investigating the mother's warning.

  12. Sorry, but there are too many people saying too many crazy things to investigate each for "warning signs", as if you can keep selected crazy people from doing crazy things, or even select normal acting people from doing crazy things. They seem to come from both camps today.

    1. Let's see - a restraining order by the mother, suicide by cop threats, sister bails out for her own safety, heroin addiction, bizarre behavior getting worse, police not responding in order to avoid a confrontation - this is definitely beyond "normal crazy"; a 5150 should have been implemented prior to the deadly episode. How much more definite does a situation have to become to merit Mental Health intervention?

  13. Looks like this blog is deteriorating fast!

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