Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First testimony in Vilkin hearing

In court Monday, one of two laborers hired by Vilkin that day to prune trees along the disputed path testified that Vilkin told him he had a gun, and that if a dog or a person approached, Vilkin would take care of it.

The laborer said he’d been working about 30 minutes before Upton, whose hands were empty, approached and offered to move his car, which was parked near where the laborer was trimming. Upton then walked off toward Vilkin, who was about 100 feet away.

The second laborer said he saw Vilkin yell at Upton, who was still about 40 feet from Vilkin.

One of the laborers had told investigators that Upton was calm, and Vilkin was agitated.


  1. As a neighbor to this incident I didn't think that it could get worse. But, hearing that he "would take care of" a dog or a human gives me the chills. My child left for preschool only a couple of minutes before those shots rang out. Because of the placement of the lot, the Vilkin property is bordered by many houses (10ish or maybe more?) It is frightening to think who could have been caught in the crossfire.

    Also--Mr. Upton and his sons had a medium sized (friendly) dog that would often accompany them out and about. I would not be surprised if Vilkin was planning on targeting the dog or the (adult sons) also. Tragic--thank goodness they were not also hurt or killed.

  2. Olivenhain residents don't forget a slight or a wrong--whether based on reality or not, and unfortunately, most Olivenhain residents.

    Jim Bond is an Olivenhain resident, and although I don't know if he has a firearm, he had a perfect memory in with regard to any situation where he felt wronged.

    There are many extreme views in Olivenhain--especially in regards to preservation of trees and wildlife.

  3. Crazy Russian - shoot first, ask questions later.