Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last night's council meeting open thread


  1. Jerome will find out when he hits the pearly gates.

    I think he has a dark future ahead. Karma for screwing the tax payer and City of Encinitas for his 35% increase in pension for every Council Member and Employee including himself in his 2005 shenanigan.

    35% increase in pensions for life for one vote. Wow Jerome sold your soul for that one. Loser.

    1. U must know something I don't .

      I think has his own karma to deal with.

  2. Jerome would have voted the exact way Barth, Shaffer and Kranz voted. That is a fact. Jerome, Barth, Shaffer and Kranz are essentially the same. All 4 have put special interests and their personal ideologies and political futures before the wishes of residents. All 4 have chosen to represent them themselves rather then represent the people.

    A few weeks ago residents directed the council to take more effective minutes during public comments to record for public opposition views to council decisions. For instance many residents spoke against the planning department being given an additional $400,000 dollars for consultants and the city manager hiring a Public relations specialists for $135,000 dollars. All the residents said that money should be spent to fix roads, sewers and parks.

    The council ignored them and the public record only states who spoke in opposition but not what they said-

    Fast forward 2 months and Shaffer and Kranz act surprised the city road maintenance is way behind- There is not enough money- Well the residents just told them that 2 months ago but the council made sure it was left out of the public record...................see how it works?

    Shaffer then goes on to tell the public if they want to know what was said to go watch the know who also said that? Dan Dalager and Jerome Stocks- way go to Lisa Shaffer, your trust and transparency campaign pledge was a lie.

  3. If Sheila and Lynn are our best and brightest we are in TROUBLE very big TROUBLE

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  4. Wow, that the political trolls are afraid of the truth Lynn and Sheila are speaking is telling.

    1. no one is afraid of an impeached Mayor and a shit slinger with no brain.

    2. No one is afraid of shiela our Lynn ----------- they are a joke

    3. ahhhh, clearly you are 10:40 look how much effort you put into demeaning sheila and Lynn. They speak the truth, you would prefer the public remain uninformed

    4. Not even close. Any one watching one council meeting can figure out L&S

      It's easy tell BS

    5. There has never been a mayor impeached in Encinitas.

      Some people posting here are afraid of the truth, so they attempt, in vain, to demonize messengers of truth, or anyone using facts and logic to support his or her arguments, rather than inside influence and political "leverage."

    6. Some are too stupid to understand the truth.
      Isn't that right Lynn?

      The actually start believing their own fabricated BS. Fat much negatively affect the brain.

    7. Easy to make anonymous "claims," 7:38. I don't believe a word of your libel.

      Sheila Cameron was voted out as Mayor because Christy Guerin "changed her stripes" and went against Sheila, who had helped her and Dennis Holz to get elected in 1998. Jim Bond decided to run for Assembly. He wanted to be Mayor of Encinitas when he did so. So Jerome Stocks, Jim Bond, and Christy Guerin voted Sheila out, before her term was completed, to accommodate Jim Bond.

    8. I thought the other guy was Chuck DuVivier who ousted Sheila, not Jerome.

    9. No, Fred, both Sheila Cameron and Chuck Duvivier were "ousted" in 2000 by Maggie Houlihan and Jerome Stocks. Dennis Holz and Christy Guerin ousted John Davis and Lou Aspel in 1998.

      Encinitas Election Vote Tally 1992-2012

      15, 606 - Lisa Shaffer
      12,262 - Tony Kranz
      9,521 - Mark Muir

      11,056 - Kristin Gaspar
      10,167 - Teresa Barth

      12,488 - Maggie Houlihan
      10,373 - Jerome Stocks
      9,744 - Jim Bond

      10,875 - Dan Dalager
      8,436 - Teresa Barth

      13,129 - Maggie Houlihan
      12,701 - Jim Bond
      11,770 - Jerome Stocks

      8,799 - Dan Dalager
      8,110 - Christy Guerin

      9,946 - Jim Bond
      9,414 - Maggie Houlihan
      8,881 - Jerome Stocks

      9,338 - Dennis Holz
      8,202 - Christy Guerin

      10,359 - Jim Bond
      8,591 - Chuck DuVivier
      8,490 - Sheila Cameron

      8,840 - John Davis
      7,500 Lou Aspell

      8,062 - Gail Hano
      7,523 - Chuck DuVivier
      7,052 - Jim Bond

    10. Lynn, how can you post those dates and not know you're wrong?

    11. There were many reasons Sheila was outsted. She was going "off" on citizens, much the same way the Jerome used to do. She was had poor sandbox skills, among many other things. She also went crazy when she saw the color "red".

    12. There was one reason Sheila was ousted as mayor 30 days prematurely. James Bond was running for Assembly and wanted the title "Mayor James Bond" on his campaign literature for that job. He couldn't do that without conquering the throne before the election.

    13. I posted the dates when various Councilmembers were replaced by other councilmembers. That's what I thought you were referring to, Fred.

      So, yes, a few months, before he was ousted from Council, Chuck DeVivier, a developer, did vote with Bond and Guerin to replace Sheila, as mayor, with Jim Bond, who wanted to list himself on the ballot, when he ran for State Assembly, "Mayor of Encinitas."

    14. "So Jerome Stocks, Jim Bond, and Christy Guerin voted Sheila out, before her term was completed, to accommodate Jim Bond."

      No. This was your sentence that was incorrect.

  5. Encinitas needs to unincorporate and rid itself of the city parasites draining the public coffers - 6 figure pensions have to end or Encinitas will be Comptonitas.

    1. We need to talk about a word that starts with the letter F. That is 'forensic accountant!'

      The Finance Director was unable to provide a report in a timely manner, and Gus keeps bringing up his worthless Strategic Plan. It looks like they are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

  6. ... WARTS AND ALL, I have to give THANKS to all the people who attend these meetings and go on the record to speak their opinion.

  7. Does Encinitas have a recall option ?

  8. Unincorporate, that will teach them. No pension at all for being so greedy! Go see the parking mess on a thurs night in front of Katrina's upscale neighbor, a few more places approved like this with zero parking and traffic can't move. No one on this council has any leadership skills or vision.

    1. This council appointed the worst planning commission the city has had in many years.

  9. How can all five on the city council have the same murky ignorance that they are being duped by Vina by his strategic plan? "That's a great question," said city manager Gus Vina. "This is pretty high level quality of life stuff," said Vina.
    Two years of Vina manure that the council loves.

  10. And don't forget his go-to brush off: "Stay tuned!"

  11. Council gobbles the manure.

    The people know better... watch heads role next election.

    Sad Sac don't care.... he will be announcing his retirement by then....


  12. Name one thing stocks did that was good for Encinitas. I cannot think of anything even remotely good. And we haven't paid the bill yet on all the things nobody wanted.

  13. I've heard Lynn and Sheila are cousins - Is that true? They do dress and look kinda alike.

    1. Ya, I think the as in hillbillies

    2. Instead of focusing on presentation, why not focus on content? They both have valuable points to make, trolls.

  14. I watched the shit called Strategic Planning item on video... OMG.... After two more years of listening to the same comments received during the same type of meetings, Sad Sac will be retiring.... Goal Met.... Encinitas Screwed.

    Why are our City Council sooooo asleep?

    Wake up!

    Its all about budget. Instead of this ridiculous excersise, the City Manager should be focused on the long term financial planning. We know certain things are set for expenditures. Staff payroll and benefits are highest expense, followed by park expenses...... The bottom line is the city only has like $1 million per year for all discretionary projects. Why the fuck two years of this bullshit... this is just more BS....

    Why would Mr. Muir say good job Gus? What has Gus Sac done that is good?

    If Gaspar was soooo concerned about her kids, she would have run for council... .she is clueless!!!

    What the fuck.... public works director says nobody is responsible for cutting or down trees. Who the fuck runs this City. Who is responsible. Fire Sad Sac... this City has no leadership!!

    1. Fire them ALL.. Put the fear of GOD into them and watch them scurry about trying to find jobs in the private sector....lololol. No one would hire them to wash windows.

  15. No shit. Sad sac could never make it in private sector.

  16. KLCC...we keep it crappy.

  17. Is it really too much to ask for some honesty from our elected leaders? The facts speak for themselves, city info that is supposed to be transparent is covered up, changes are made to public input that isn't true, files are corrupted, deleted, changed. We have enormous dishonesty at city hall. And citizens are being asked to support this?

  18. KLCC -

    More kids will die and more businesses will fail...

  19. Love the way kids dying and business interests are in the same sentence.... Anyway, how is it that so many businesses have thrived for decades in the "unimproved" Leucadia?

    The prior poster smells like a Marvin.. Or one of his ilk.

  20. Weeds and infrastrual neglect typically thrive here. Most businesses on 101 struggle - half are lucky to be here 10 years - especially during our waining economy. How is it that 10 years ago, downtown sales taxes revenues came to $800,000 and today are over $2,000,000? Beautification for just 5 blocks!

    First of all, most businesses that open anywhere fail. Especially restaurants. Those traditionally have a 10% survival rate and seldom break even within the first 2 years. There are very few Leucadia businesses that have survived decades here. A few of those have done very well. But almost always when the merchant owns the property. Most however are gone or had to change hands for one reason or another. Just off the top of my head, here are the ones I can remember over the decades (with a few names uncertain).

    Creating Feelings
    Da Kine
    Basil Street Cafe
    Leucadia Pizzeria
    Lolo's Pizza
    Papa John's
    Hattie's Attic
    Macy's Fun Zone
    Leucadia Market
    The Neighbor Saver
    2 laundromats
    Leucadia Surfboards
    The Longboard Grotto
    Gil's Market
    North County Antique Mall
    The Stretchmark Cafe
    The Play Room
    The Hoffbrau
    The Boardroom
    Casa Del Corazon
    Two Gal's Antiques
    Uncle Dukes
    Bar Leucadian
    Riedel's Cafe
    Dirty Birdy
    6 gas stations
    Gina's Pizzeria
    The Little Old Ring Maker
    The Attic Thrift store
    2 St. John's Thrift Stores
    Southwest Bank
    The Bowling Alley
    The Go Go Girly Club
    Train Station Hobby Shop
    Marcie's Antiques
    Leucadia Lore
    Log Cabin Antiques
    Strout Realty
    Beckwith's Gun Shop
    Fred Harvey's Rock Shop
    The Rock Garden
    Off Track Gallery
    The Greatful Dog
    High Tech Bikes
    A Jewelry Store
    Cabo Grill
    La Costa Gardens Restaurant
    Collector's Cottage
    Daybreak Antiques
    Mrs. Robinson's Antiques
    Stolen Sporting Goods
    3 Produce Markets
    People's Foods
    Community Market
    Smith and Marcee's Vintage Cars
    The Manor Motel
    The Diana Motel
    The Sleepy Eye Motel
    Pacific Motel
    The Las Vegas Motel
    The Ocean Inn
    The Old Time Cafe
    A1 Vending
    Artsy Phartsy
    The Fig Leaf Gallery
    The Glasshopper
    Vadna's Mugs
    O.T.'s Coffee Shop
    Gatner Realty
    Roy's Market
    The Cheese House
    El Camino Rentals
    A Hammock Store
    Jackman Garage
    Ted's Drive Thru
    The Little Vienna Restaurant
    Weird Ralph's
    The Treasure Chest
    Munchy's Hot Dogs
    D.B. Hacker's
    Leucadia Refinishing Shoppe
    ABC Trading
    El Camino Printers
    Leucadia Iron Works
    Leucadia Spas
    Home Cafe
    Annie's Hug
    Bomba Insurance
    Curious Cat Antiques
    The Right Stop
    Mobile Medicine
    Found Art
    Dusty's Guitar
    A Free Clinic
    The General Store
    Peddler's Village
    Ware Realty
    Snyder's Roofing
    Toohey's Consignment Shop
    King Richard's Antique
    Roger's Antiques
    Scott's Antique
    The Ocean Motel
    Buffalo Brothers
    Marty's Levi Store
    Hank Byzak Surfboards
    Surfboards Hawaii
    Video Valet
    Tokyo Rose
    A dry cleaning biz
    A check cashing place
    Brer Rabbit's Tar Baby
    Seagull Cafe
    Joan Moat Realty
    Joan Luce Realty
    Community Resourse
    Leucadia Antiques
    Leucadia Home Furniture
    A cactus shop
    The Buzz Haircutter
    Lee's Keys
    The Coast News
    The North County Times
    Leucadia Real Estate
    Quik Pick
    The Garden Inn
    Bill's Cab
    Mann's Antiques
    3 gyms
    The Hive
    The Cardiff Kitchen
    Kansas City Barbeque
    The Artist's Colony
    Falcon's Bodyboard
    Ace Cars and Trucks
    Bear Auto
    Annel & Drew's Kitchen
    Builders Trading Company
    The Greenery
    Lady Rox Salon
    Leucadia Sushi Bar
    Bodywork Emporium
    North Fitness 101
    Pure Skin
    Revolution Bike Shop

    If Marvin smells as good as his Leucadia Beach Inn looks, he's got a new best selling fragrance with his name on it. I'll even help him design the label. OPPS! I take that back cause I don't wanna get sued. They already have "Charlie".

    1. I'd like to see the return of The Go Go Girly Club and the Sleepy Eye Motel....

  21. Fred, compare the increase in tax revenues from businesses throughout Encinitas in the last ten years. Keep in mind that the dollar is worth about half as much as it was ten years ago, probably.

    The Inn might look good, but I remember when Marvin got "dinged" by code enforcement for rental properties, as in a small motel/hotel, on 101, with long term rentals, that wasn't up to City standards. Those violations were published in the paper, years ago. And for a long while, Gold Coast had a series of black plastic tent styled structures along its backside, which were ugly, to the neighbors, easily seen through the chain link fence.

    Also, Marvin was all for limiting vacation rentals to only motel and hotel owners, and got Christy Guerin and the rest on Council to go along with him, back then. The Coastal Commission determined, no, the city can't limit private home vacation rentals because doing so would limit public access to Coastal Resources.

    So the City instead imposed an improper tax on private home vacation rentals. Not only do they have to pay Transit Occupancy Taxes, such as hotels and motels do, private home rentors, for short term rentals, also have to get a YEARLY permit, for about $150? Do the Hotels and Motels have to get yearly business licenses to operate? I'm asking, because I don't know. It seems as though once homeowners obtain a vacation rental permit, they shouldn't have to renew it yearly, otherwise, it's another unfairly imposed tax. The yearly TOT taxes should be enough! I know some of the rentals on Neptune are hugely expensive, and they can afford that yearly fee, but all these fees are passed on, so it does make vacation rentals more expensive to potential renters. With less renters, here, in Leucadia, the businesses on the West Side of the Highway are negatively impacted, too. I'm sure there has been less business.

    According to what I heard on the Colbert Report, 95% of the economy's gain, its improvement since the Great Recession, which began in September of 2008, has been for those with the top 1% of income. So 95% of the people are still hurting, and that's going to affect business, too.

    And yes, business license fees have gone up dramatically, too much; our "new council" should address that, as well, to help out the small business person, struggling to keep his or her operation afloat.

    1. Shouldn't there be and *asterisk in this next to the comment " to the neighbors" here. Just sayin.....

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    3. "Fred, compare the increase in tax revenues from businesses throughout Encinitas in the last ten years."

      You do that and get back with me.

      "Keep in mind that the dollar is worth about half as much as it was ten years ago, probably."

      All depends what you buy now. If you bought a license from the city to do business here, your money's now worth about 1/8th of what it was. If you bought gold it's worth about 500% more now. You can still go to the 99cent only story and buy a protein drink for 99cents that will costy you four bucks in another store. Sure, kind of off track, but interesting to note the price of gold has gone up the same percentage amount in 10 years as has our need for affordable housing.

  22. Lynn,

    You should be the last one to talk about being dinged. How about paying us Taxpayers back the $90k you owe the City. Slacker.

    In my opinion, you waste a tremendous amount of taxpayers time and money, and are bad for Encinitas.

  23. OMG! Black plastic? Wish I would have known about that code violation before I bragged on someone pouring tons of money into two old 101 motels to make them look and operate better than they ever did.
    Don't know too much about the vacation rental thing. Do know that a lot of neighbors to those places HATE having an abundance of temporary neighbors with all the noise and congestions they cause sometimes. Many times unfortunately, its hard enough for long time neighbors to get along - like that hot head in Olivenhain (as an extreme example). But I think most folks who spend three grand a month and up on a ritzy west end mansion won't stay in Arizona all summer because of a 15% tax here in paradise. Then there's the argument - why would it be fair for monthly apartments to charge 15% along 101 and not seasonal homes on Neptune? The home owner doesn't pay that tax, the temporary tenant does and those funds are specifically ear marked to come back into our community. Don't get me wrong, I hate new taxes as much as anyone, but it's a goose and gander scenario which I've always felt is some consolation, instead of going into some black hole somewhere else.
    Glad you agree biz fees have risen a wee bit too much. 2 years ago 275 businesses got jacked. Our local license went from $45 a year (for the last 20 years) to $379. over night. The state license went from $10 every two years to $300 every two years over night. When I paid that bill this year and sent them a Money Order, they sent it back to me saying I owed them another $188. For what? I asked, and "Why didn't you tell me that on the bill you sent?" "It's a one time fee that was voted on and passed last year" I was told. Geesh! Oh yeah and the $20 registration fee. But I'm not complaining about that one lest it go up too. So if every one reading this keeps their mouth shut....................shhhhhhhhhhh

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    2. Marvin got cited for some violations; most he got away with, because no one turns him in; as is the case for most people with accessory dwelling units. They should be legalized through another amnesty.

      Marvin and others have made plenty of profit; sure property owners have to put money into their investments. Word is, Marvin charges high rents, which is his prerogative.

      You didn't see the black plastic sheeting "tent city," Fred. It looked bad. Neighbors have kept up the plants in the dirt between the sidewalk and the curb behind Gold Coast, when the tenants don't.

      Talk about everyone keeping his mouth shut, Marvin has had an "accessory dwelling unit" behind Gold Coast, for years, or immediately to the south. It should be counted toward the affordable housing mandates. Some people get special treatment. Others get persecuted for trumped up charges. Dan Dalager has had an accessory dwelling unit, too, as had Rick Shea, and so many others. They all should be counted through an amnesty for everyone, not just the privileged few.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. In my opinion accessory dwelling units are not illegal if they are noted on County records before the City incorporated. The Boathouses property was allowed to "legalize" with a total of six units and no off street parking. In fact, the City subsidized the Encinitas Preservation Association, including Paul Ecke III and Peder Norby, to the tune of over $800,000, in developer's "in lieu" affordable housing fees.

      But for those units that aren't noted on county records, there could still be another TRUE amensty, as there was in 1991. This amnesty should be well publicized, however. Dan Dalager's unit is not noted, nor was the unit noted on County records that was built above his old lawn mower sharpening shop, which he since sold. That was not on County records as a dwelling unit, above the shop. But it could have and should count toward affordable housing mandates!

      Recently, Judge Earl Maas has verified my opinion, about untis not being proven to be illegal, when there is no evidence of a permit. The County and City have not maintained actual permits and plans prior to the City's incorporation in October of 86, so 27 years ago, on October 1! The people being "targeted" for City lawsuits do NOT have the burden of proving that something was permitted long before they took ownership. That should be the County or the City's burden of proof, according to the Judge. Our City Attorney has become very lazy. He feels his opinions are to be taken as evidence of fact, because he represents the authority of the City of Encinitas and the People of the State of California. Judge Maas said, no. The City and the City Attorney have the burden of proof in a case of equity.

      The City is wasting our money, not me. Judge Maas, after hearing the City attorney's arguments opposing his tentative ruling, made the tentative ruling the Final Judgment, WITHOUT a single change. Council, in another closed session, promptly gave the City Attorney direction to file a motion to set aside the final judgment, a motion that has about 0% chance of accomplishing ANYTHING except more money in our City Attorney's pockets. If the judge were going to consider changing his mind, which is rare, he would have done so after the Tentative Ruling, before HEARING the City's weak arguments, and ruled, making his decision FINAL.

      Why was everyone who came to the last Council Meeting, on Sept. 25 forced to wait over 15 minutes while Council lolligagged in closed session? Council should not need an hour to give Gus Vina direction to continue "fact finding" on Pacific View. When one goes to the webcast, it looks as though it's not working, as the screen is black for many minutes, over 15 minutes. Then the City "decal" can be seen, finally, but the Council meeting doesn't start until 18 minutes and 37 seconds into the webcast. If a person unfamiliar with the technology, did not know to push the "slider" over, to skip to where Mayor Barth finally comes in, apologizing, then one would think that the webcast was defective, and that we are only seeing a BLACK screen. That's what I thought, at first!

      More shoddy work by shady characters! Why should Council keep the public waiting for a non-emergency, when 45 minutes of their behind closed doors "commingling," with the City Attorney and City Manager should have been more than enough!

      If Council next gives the City Attorney permission to APPEAL, we will all know that this is a total and complete "perk" for the lawfirm of Sabine and Morrison, and has nothing to do with letting a higher authority decide what is equitable and what is just.

  24. Lynn, what is 10:49 talking about. Do you owe the city money?

    1. City worker or developer, what was done to the Marrs is unacceptable. Why not just allow for another amnesty program so that they and hundreds of other residents can legally report the units that were built under the county? Jeff Murphy claims that they are trying to reduce the RHNA numbers and by doing this, we could address the numbers.

      But wait, that would not allow for developers and city leeches to have new dense, market rate projects that they claim have to be this way to "pencil out."

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  25. The horror the city inflicted on the Marr's is well known throughout encinitas.

  26. Fred, you are not reading what I write, carefully. I didn't say vacation rentals on Neptune shouldn't have to pay the TOT taxes. I simply said, that private home rentals should not have to pay a $150 permit fee, yearly, because permits are NOT supposed to be taxes, nor revenue raisers for the City. I said that if hotels and motels have to pay business license fees, as you do, then perhaps businesses that rent out homes or apartments, in Encinitas, should also have to pay the business license fee? But for private home owners to have to pay a $150 per year permit fee for "vacation rentals," in addition to TOT taxes (which we were allowed to vote upon, as is required, for taxes) is actually ILLEGAL, because it becomes another tax, for which we did NOT vote.

    1. Well, the reason the city gave me for raising 275 license fees 2 years ago was because "That's what San Diego charges". Its a never ending battle with some in our government to find new ways to charge the people more money. Here's partial proof.

      Accounts Receivable Tax
      Building Permit Tax
      CDL license Tax
      Cigarette Tax
      Corporate Income Tax
      Dog License Tax
      Federal Income Tax
      Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
      Fishing License Tax
      Food License Tax,
      Fuel permit tax
      Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
      Hunting License Tax
      Inheritance Tax
      Interest expense
      Inventory tax
      IRS Interest Charges
      IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
      Liquor Tax
      Luxury Taxes
      Marriage License TaxMedicare Tax
      Property Tax
      Real Estate Tax
      Service charge taxes
      Social Security Tax
      Road usage taxes
      Sales Tax
      Recreational Vehicle Tax
      School Tax
      State Income Tax
      State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
      Telephone federal excise tax
      Telephone federal universal service fee tax
      Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes
      Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
      Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
      Telephone state and local tax
      Telephone usage charge tax
      Utility Taxes
      Vehicle License Registration Tax
      Vehicle Sales Tax
      Watercraft registration Tax
      Well Permit Tax
      Workers Compensation Tax

      Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago,
      and our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
      We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class
      in the world.

    2. Another libertarian is born!

      Nothing creates libertarians better than seeing government in action.

    3. Some of us used to believe in government before looking under the hood of the City of Encinitas. It is like a 3rd world totalitarian regime of cronies and supporters on the take.

    4. Fred/WCV, 100 yrs ago there was no middle class in this country.The middle class emerged post WW2 when the highest tax rates were 90%+. Companies paid high wages and had good pension and heath plans to attract the best and put money back into thier companies and started new ones to avoid these taxes.In another words, the high tax rate had the exact opposite effect that conservatives and libertarians claim.
      The Cabezon

    5. Median household incomes were $4000 in 1950. Those >50% tax brackets didn't kick in until 10x median income, the truly high-income.

      That's just federal income tax. We now have higher Social Security tax, higher Medicare tax, higher UI tax, higher state income taxes, higher state sales taxes, higher property taxes...

      More importantly, government spending as a % of GDP was between 25% and 30% during those great years.

      Now federal spending is greater than 35% of GDP, and it is crushing the middle class.

    6. Are there still middle class people in our town? Over here in the Avocado Acres area, the homes, even single story 2-3 bdr are hitting one million right now...

    7. The middle/working class is being crushed by conservative supported free trade agreements. Unregulated capitalism is a cancer.
      The Cabezon

    8. NAFTA did not help the middle/working class, that's for sure.

  27. Not sayin' that those taxes aren't well used some of the time on our infrastructure and various programs. But geesh, there is little grip on the reins on that wild horse now.

  28. What's an "Accounts Receivable" tax?? That's just a line a balance statement...odd.

    If you asked the city, they could not explain, is my guess.

  29. Yes
    Lynn you do owe the money it's is a mater of record. ------ anther lie me thiinks

  30. The Marr's personal legal issues do not mean that what Lynn has to say regarding the city are not true. Quite the contrary; so why are you more interested in her personal business, 8:35, than you are in the scheming of the city against 60,000 residents? Talk about shooting the messenger!

  31. Paranoia runs deep into your it will creep.Lynn message is colored by her self inflected problem and you are her dupe.

  32. Lynn is a liar. Check it out

  33. Lynn's comments about the city, while occasionally wrong, are for the most part right on the money. Exactly what are we dupes supposed to "check out," 9:31? Specifics, please, and not about her personal business. So not interested.

    1. No integrity is no integrity. Lynn has zero credit in terms of information or good.

    2. Lynn,
      Don't let the bastards get you down.

    3. Lynn is a citizen expressing her 1st Ammendment rights. She is not the only one pointing out that paid city employees are not doing their jobs.

      WE are supposed to be THEIR customers!

    4. Actually, we are supposed to be their employers!

  34. The work week begins early as the city henchmen begin the ongoing slander and attack of Lynn Marr. Business as usual but the citizens see the truth.

    1. Well they have to prep for Wednesday's special council meeting, after all. Coming up fast....

  35. the Lword is a total waste of my tax money. She and Ms. SC are a total joke and bad for Encinitas.

    1. You mean bad for your personal gain. Fess up, now!

  36. Lynn has unearthed the truth about how our city is being manipulated and used as a piggy bank to fund pensions. The tide has shifted and the citizens are fed up! Go Lynn, you now have the momentum and the majority are with you.

    1. Although to be fair, groups like the Encinitas Tax Payers Assoc. Have been on this issue for the last 5-10 years....

    2. True, and their information sadly dismissed while first Stocks and now Barth say thank you for sharing, but we're fine and have no use for your numbers.

    3. How many think that NAFTA had anything to do with the downfall of the working class? As for Lynn, what is all the hatred? She does more homework than most, and is usually right on target. I wish others did as much for the City.

    4. I think NAFTA was a result of corporations fed up with union demands and subbing work out to other nations to get the best deal. Too bad they couldn't strike a happy chord or Flynt Michigan might be thriving today for example.

    5. Lynn has unearthed nothing... watch the next election. She is clueless.

      Her support is the kiss of death- Ask Barbara Yost.

  37. Ya we shipped all thoughs good jobs off shore.How smart are we!

    1. I wish that we could have shipped off the majority of Encinitas City employees instead. The culture down there is more like what is found in developing countries--the rest of us have to work for a living!

    2. Amen to that. Which is always a point. We should also be asking how we let the private sector screw us. I'm not saying there isn't room for change with some of the workers at city hall, but there's also an element of bitterness that could be turned into power in our own lives to examine how we let it get away...

  38. WWJD?
    Nothing different on important issues.
    He would tell you off to your face rather than be deceptive and act cozy. Getting stabbed in the back by a "friend" is worse.

    1. You are spot on. I have seen Jerome interupt and tell off the same people that Teresa interupts and tells off. The difference is that some of us supported Teresa, and Jerome at least was polite to the developers who put him in office.

    2. Jerome was also polite to pretty woman in skirts and older mature ladies who had different views then him, Barth and Shaffer are not.

  39. Perhaps you pot farmers and loadies in Luecadia should cecied you no nothing about how government works.Some very stupid comments.

    1. We, in general, know exactly how government works. It is systemmatic, legalized bribery. Most local governments demand growth for survival of their twisted,bloated culture.
      The Cabezon

    2. 1 point for using the term "loadies". Negative one for not being able to spell "Secede". And we prefer "Quayludia"....

    3. Some very stupid comments indeed.

      "Luecadia," "cecied," "you no nothing..."

      Let me guess: you have a Master of Public Administration from a third-rate college.

    4. Where is the "like" button for the above three responses?

    5. This is graffiti you pretentious ass. W C nobody!

  40. Who said all the comments are from Leucadia.....

    Oh never mind, we know Leucadia is the community that leads the vote for future City Councils.

  41. Ya ,that's right you have Lynn and Sheila and good kick with that .

  42. Hey, how about that new survey? I was at the Leucadia Farmer's Market on Sunday, and watched the aggressive survey takers, putting words into people's mouths. They were asking the questions really quickly and both people I saw being interviewed were clearly uncomfortable. Are our tax dollars paying for this new "feel good" propaganda....AGAIN?

    1. If it is like the GPU, they will either change the results or not process them at all! SANDAG should make them pay back the grants that they got since there are no valid conclusions that can be drawn from the poor methodologies used.

      This is not about finding out what we think. It is about "keeing the planning staff busy," to quote someone in a current power position.

    2. 10:21, please do send your observations to the council and Vina, so they may become part of the record. This crap has got to see the light of day, not just be "oh well, they're screwing us again!"

      Would be appreciated.

  43. Council needs to stop wasting time and money on this BS strategic planning garbage and fire Sad Sac

    Council needs to hire a City Manager that can accomplish a realistic Long Range Financial Plan with real revenue and expenditure projections. Its that simple.

    Fire the loser. Council has not really accomplished much this year to date have they?

  44. Fire the proven loser!

  45. Fire the repeat, proven loser!

  46. Hey,a great council meeting I didn't see you there WTF couch potato syn drone me thinks,you are pathic. F work WCV!

  47. No. F work by Sad Sac and Council.

    Council has not done shit all year.

    Fire Sad Sac and lets get on with something. You are all looking like lame ducks.

    Whats the City's financial plan for the future? Do know do you?

    That's because City Council has no idea on how much revenue is coming in and how much is needed in the future to pay for the huge pensions and regional sports park and the huge amount of money needed to fix our streets due the deferred maintenance when all the money was shifted to the regional sports park.

    When is the City going to adopt a new General Plan? What is this like year six of the update... Geez. What do our planners plan anyway?

    When is City Council going to wake up?

    I predict next election, when the two sleepy incumbents get booted.

    Never vote for an incumbent. They obviously get too cozy with staff. Especially Sad Sac.

  48. Exactly. Get rid of them.

  49. They need to do an audit right away. They have to be hiding a lot for them to be so agressive in everything all of their policies towards building and degrading the environment.

    In a nut shell, they want to build their way out of their financial problems and Encinitas residents pay the price.

  50. Spent like drunken sailors and now they want to pillage for their pensions. Good luck finding any treasure when the city goes bankrupt.

  51. Today Bell's city officials are starting to go to jail. Hint hint.