Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leucadia sting leads to arrest in child prostitution case

This is making headlines as an Encinitas story, but the Encinitas connection so far is tangential. The suspect is from Rancho Santa Fe. The city of residence of the victims and the location of the crimes has not been released.

The one solid Encinitas connection is the suspect's prior arrest at the Leucadia Howard Johnson's for soliticing prostitution. HoJo neighbors can rest a little easier, however, knowing that it wasn't real prostitution going on there, but a police sting.

Sheriff's press release:
Michael Lustig (date of birth 9/23/43) was arrested without incident this morning by the
San Diego Sheriff's Department and FBI. Lustig was taken into custody during a car stop in the
vicinity of I-805 and Governor Drive at approximately 10:00 a.m. He will be processed at the
Encinitas Sheriff's Station and booked into the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown San Diego later today.

In June of 2012, the San Diego Sheriff's "North County Human Trafficking Task Force" (NCHTTF) conducted a prostitution operation which targeted 'johns' at a motel in Encinitas. Michael Lustig was one of the 'johns' arrested for soliciting prostitution.

At the time of Lustig's arrest, multiple cell phones belonging to him were seized. Subsequent analysis of the phone information indicated Lustig was texting two minor females (ages 12 and 13) to solicit prostitution.

Further investigation identified these two minors, and both have admitted to having
performed sexual acts with Lustig for money in late 2011 and early 2012.


  1. This truly is a libertarian blog. 1.6 million anon posts about bloated pensions and not a peep about underage prostitution! A RSF developer gets raked over the coals as being a destroyer of community character - but another RSF resident destroys the lives of teenagers and he gets a pass. Is community character and bloated pensions really so important that this doesn't even get discussed? Outrage about misspent funds - no outrage for destroyed lives......tsk........tsk........

    - The Sculpin

    1. Why do you think this blog has slowed down recently?

      They're all ranting about the Afordable Care Act, AKA "Obamacare". on another Libertarian, AKA "Tea Party" blog run by WC.


      That's just about the dumbest thing you ever said on this blog.

      "No one would debate that" "Blogs are mostly about debate" ????

      Isn't that an oxymoran!?

  2. Whatever.... sometimes its obvious of the evil that lurks. I have no comment other than - put him down, so our tax dollars don't get wasted on this scum.

    You red eye liberals will not only waste precious tax dollars on this scum, you'll set him up in an easy living quarters for the rest of his life, as children get no funding for school..... tsk tsp....

    Libertarians believe in Liberty. Thats what made America great. Lets get back to our roots!

  3. Under-age prostitution is tragic.

    No one would debate that. Blogs are mostly about debate, discussing opposing opinions. It's great when that can be done civilly.

    Blogs also serve a purpose of informing us about local news and events. This is a good forum for that, and for us to share our viewpoints.

  4. "No one would debate that. Blogs are mostly about debate"

    I beg to differ.