Saturday, February 13, 2016

Olivenhain drug mansion figure soliciting depressed former NFL players

NFL Players Association:
Lawrence Burzynski (also known as Larry Burns), President of the Crosby Centers (also known as the Crosby Sports Treatment Center for NFL Players Concussion Treatment), 613 West Valley Parkway #102, Escondido, CA.

The subject Lawrence Bruzynski is using the alias name of Larry Burns and identifies himself as President of The Crosby Centers. The Crosby Centers are ACTIVELY engaged in the solicitation of current and former NFL players to undergo treatment for concussion-related injuries using this website.

Bruzynski, using the alias name Larry Burns, was featured in a recent ESPN story which aired on January 31, 2015 titled: "Depression After Football."

Bruzynski has accumulated numerous convictions for felony FRAUD related violations. He has been convicted in federal prosecutions in Wyoming, Colorado, California and elsewhere. Bruzynski, a career criminal, is recorded under FBI Number 189372M7.

Anastasia Kirkeby, who identifies herself as co-owner of the Crosby Center was arrested in December, 2014. She was charged with multiple offenses, including operating a DRUG house and a firearms offense.

Any member of the NFLPA who is undergoing treatment at the Crosby Centers or has been contacted by a representative of the Crosby Centers should exercise extreme CAUTION.

If you have any information related to this matter, you are requested to contact Supervisory Investigator Robert Brockway, California Department of Insurance, Orange, CA, tel. 714-712-7652.

You may also contact NFLPA Director of Security and Operations Tim Christine at 202-756-9102 or
Kirkeby was the owner of Olivenhain mansion that was the target of a spectacular but fruitless SWAT raid in 2014, and the site of a fatal fire six months later. The mansion was listed online as a drug rehab center, and online reviews refer to Larry Burns as a key figure there. Burns was sued by Kirkeby along with several banks in a lawsuit apparently related to the mortgage on the property.

Burns was featured in this ESPN story on treatment for former NFL players.  Kirkeby was sentenced to counseling, presumably not at the Crosby Center, for misdemeanor charges stemming from the SWAT raid.


  1. Drugs, gas, paint are all over the place.....

    Its up to you to decide what to ingest or inhale. all this enforcement is BS and does the opposite of saving lives.

    The message to our youth is you do this you die.
    Iet them watch the videos of all the dead youth.

    1. And let them live next door to 11:39

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    This makes soooo much sense for City's to pursue. Wasn't this one of Kristin Gaspar's election promises?

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  3. True politicians = will say and do anything to get elected. No one ever holds them accountable for their campaign promises.

  4. What's that got to do with drugs and football?

    1. Sounds like you can't comprehend what is posted. Go have a drink and watch football.

    2. and THEN walk down the tracks with your ear buds in and music up.