Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Gaspar takes on SANDAG

10 News:
SANDAG’S plan is to push for a more green and efficient future by getting more commuters to ditch their cars and hop on mass transit.

Gaspar said using TransNet funds is a bait and switch to voters.

“San Diegans have lost faith in SANDAG,” she said. “They can’t be trusted to follow through with their promises to voters.”

“In 2004, 67% of voters said they were collectively willing to take on a higher tax burden for the next 40 years in exchange for much needed highway improvements,” said Gaspar. “Fast forward to 2019, SANDAG has a new idea on how they want to spend that money.”

Proposition A promised to relieve traffic congestion, expand freeways and provide proper maintenance on local roads.


  1. Mass transit in Southern California is too general for the average commuter. It services along a corridor, but the peripheral service is poor. It might take a time consuming and inefficient series of transfers to get close to ones' destination. Maybe after Trump tanks the economy and gas is $10/gallon, people will be forced into this option.

    1. You’re right in the short term, but not the long term.

      Over the long term, metro areas that build a strong backbone end up morphing around the transit system. Major employers want locations along the subway lines, because it gives them an advantage in attracting and retaining talent. Same goes for shopping and entertainment centers. They add delivery service so consumers don’t need to worry about hauling stuff.

      It’s been proven. It works. But it takes decades.

    2. We don't have the time. Events will force some sort of interim "solution",, Maybe like the 3rd World, where people are covering train cars or buses are packed beyond capacity.
      The future is beginning to look more "Mad Max"...

    3. It’s never a good time.

      The sooner mass transit gets built, the sooner the process starts.

  2. Gaspar is weak.

    She barely squeaked by an incumbent who was drowning in scandals.

    Since then, she has achieved nothing she promised (go back and read her campaign literature, and ask what she has done about potholes county-wide).

    She’s also cozied up to Trump who is deeply unpopular in her district. That’s why she came in fifth place with 8% of the vote in the primary to replace Issa. It’s also why there’s so many strong candidates lining up to run against her for Sup.

    She’s also still suing her last opponent for saying mean things. She needs to stop playing victim and grow some thicker skin if she wants to be seen as a leader.

    1. First of all Teresa Barth or whomever you are, you're an idiot! Focus on the issue and try not to deflect on stupid things that don't add to the discussion. We like our cars and we try to minimize their usage, but we voted for freeway improvements - PERIOD! If you want another tax for mass transit, go the voters and ask them for a new tax. How can we trust them if they do this?

    2. Gaspar is a high-functioning airhead. There's empty space between her ears. She was a broadcast journalism major in college. Fox "News" suits her. As an Encinitas City Council member, she could hide out, fake it and get away with being an airhead. Not so much on the county supervisor and CA49 stages. She can't withstand the public scrutiny because she doesn't have the mettle.

    3. 12:55 PM, she's still there. You're taking shots from behind your keyboard. Story of your life.

    4. Oh, really, 8:20? And just how is what you're doing any different? Gaspar will be gone after the 2020 election.

    5. Good riddance to Gaspar!

  3. I hear she’s married to a doctor who writes prescriptions for common sense.

  4. Lower all the speed limits in Encinitas to 35mph. Then people can drive their electric golf carts everywhere. They can still have their cars to commute but once home they can climb in their golf carts to get around.

    1. Yes, because state law regulating speed zoning does not apply within the boundaries of Encinitas.

    2. 9:42 you obviously don't know the speed laws in California. If you are going to show you are ignorant, then keep it up. You are doing a good job.

    3. 7:29 AM you obviously don't know the speed laws in California. You can not arbitrarily set all speed limits within a City boundary to 35mph. You're silly.

  5. Speaking of off topic, has anyone read the latest story from the Barstow Thunderhole Gazette?

    It’s a ripe steaming pile of not journalism.

    The headline: Is Encinitas a Sanctuary City?

    After a few hundred words of train wreck, (spoiler alert) the question is never answered.

    Here’s a sample paragraph:

    “Here’s what it takes to become a sanctuary city: You, or someone else, starts calling your city a ‘sanctuary city’. That is, there’s no one policy or criteria that makes a place a sanctuary city. ‘Sanctuary cities’ is actually a misnomer. While many Americans believe that it refers to a city that doesn’t prosecute immigrants, so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ actually refer to something far more specific. There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a city (or a county, or a state) that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents.”

    Hmmm. So, has Encinitas enacted policies or codes that impose such limits? I guess we’ll never know, because the author never got around to that.

    She did write about “policies or practices that may impede some immigration enforcement efforts, which many were thereby identifying as Sanctuary Cities.”

    Many? How many?

    Many, believe me.

    Who are these many?

    Smart people. The best. Everyone knows it.

    Huh. This feels familiar.

    Later, on the subject of a resolution adopted by Encinitas City Council, she writes “Most of the supporters of this Resolution were focused on supporting illegal immigrants to the United States.”

    Oh really? You polled all the supporters? Do you have any quotes from people, or shall we just accept your personal opinion on the matter?


    In any high school journalism class, this is a generous C-.

    1. I actually really liked it! This is the best newsletter in town.

    2. What other newsletters are in town?

  6. I also like this newsletter. All my friends ready it and like it too.
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