Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hyatt announces luxury resort branding for Leucadia beach hotel

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today plans for the first new-build Alila resort in the Americas, located in Encinitas, Calif., a quintessential beach town in San Diego’s North County Coastal region. Developed by JMI Realty and Fenway Capital Advisors, Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas will add to Hyatt’s growing Alila brand portfolio, joining Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort, as the brand’s second hotel in California and the U.S., along with 14 other luxury properties worldwide. The Alila brand features luxury hotels and resorts in unique locations, distinguished by innovative eco-design, a strong commitment to sustainable tourism as well as rare and intimate destination experiences.

Situated along coastal bluffs and overlooking Grandview and South Ponto Beaches, Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas will be a luxury oceanfront hotel with 130 guestrooms, including 16 suites. Expected to open in early 2021, the resort will offer an ocean-view restaurant with rooftop patio, a pool with pool bar and an infinity-edge hot tub, a luxury Spa Alila and spectacular wedding and events venues, all with panoramic Pacific Ocean and lagoon views.
Keep Leucadia Ritzy!


  1. The racism of the political right wing in America isn’t a recent phenomenon, and it’s not confined to the populist and uneducated.

    More than 50 years ago, during the civil rights movement, William F. Buckley was considered the intellectual heart of the conservative movement.

    He used sophisticated language and erudite words, but he was very clear. Blacks were an inferior race and conservatives were justified in suppressing the right of blacks to vote, even if violence is required.

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    Buckley goes on to weigh whether such a position is kosher from a sophisticated, conservative perspective. “The central question that emerges,” he writes, “is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas in which it does not predominate numerically?” His answer is clear:

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    Buckley and National Review promote Apartheid right here in America.

    Is this okay with you?

    1. Hey nutcase, it's apparent your parents were brother and sister. Get a hobby, stop being the fool

    2. 7:31 You are confused. Not surprising.
      You meant to post on the Encinitas Weather Undergound.

      We are Encinitas Undercover - a solid website that exposes fraud, corruption, and tomfoolery with hard truths. The website you are seeking might be CNN or CCP? Those sites are more your speed. They deal with propaganda, lies, and killing people. Please go there. Thanks you.

  2. 7:31 what would be ok with me is if you stuck to the topic WC bothered to put up - or start your own effing blog. Buckley is awful but that's neither here nor there regarding this thread.

    You are rude and that is what is not ok.

    1. It’s never the wrong time to confront that which is all at once essential, disruptive, uncomfortable, and true.

      How can a debate strategy that constantly ignores and redirects the official topic ever be considered valid?

      If you earnestly consider that question, and have time to listen, I think you’ll find an answer in this podcast:

  3. This hotel is gross. Keep Leucadia funky!

  4. Don't forget that Marco Gonzalez was the representative for the hotel this time around so it could get build without any review from the planning commission.

    1. Anything for a buck Gonzales.

    2. Planning Commission review comes before permit approval, not after. This permit was approved decades ago. Permits don’t expire if the applicant does small amounts of work. This applicant knew the rules and did exactly what was required to keep the permit alive.

      Good on them for playing by the rules.

      Anyone know if Julie Thunder’s family concrete business rang the register on this project?

      She’s come out in favor of concrete bluffs already, so. . .

  5. It ain't Hawaii. The beach smells with the red tide.The surf is dirty and the sting rays will get you. The fog comes like a thick curtain to cover the ocean view. Great for only $400 a night. Hyatt didn't do their due diligence.

  6. 11:33 The drug/gun/child traffickers it was built for don't care about those things, just the free laundry $ervice. Criminals get a green light here thanks to our super cool and chill local govt. officials who will be invited to lots of pizza parties there.

    1. Oh, good.

      More Q-anon bullshit.

      I love it, because it’s wacky bullshit like this that has the GOP losing Texas.

      Please continue.

    2. Alila means "surprise" in Sanskrit. Try more like starting at $800/night based on the rates at their other locations. Which one of these Alila locations surprisingly doesn't fit? Sorry but this is just weird.
      Big Sur

    3. 8:57 The fact is child trafficking is a multi billion dollar global industry and growing thanks to everyone's ignorance and willingness to look the other way (including law enforcement).

  7. How much low cost housing will be in the mix?

    1. None unless you count the public restrooms at South Ponto.

  8. Now this is interesting.

    In the last election cycle, Julie Thunder was stealing the voices of hundreds of residents who signed a non-partisan petition to back a homogeneous slate of right wing candidates, including Mark Muir for City Council and Phil Graham for Assembly. Mark Muir was a sitting council member and also Julie’s partner in a local right wing propaganda rag. In the same election, Muir’s wife Mo, a local school board trustee, was running against Graham in the Assembly primary.

    During that primary, someone paid a shady robocall scumbag to kneecap Graham with allegations of sexual assault made against him by none other than a friend of Jerome Stocks, who was also in the Assembly primary. But the allegations in the shady robocalls were already proved false by the police when the calls went out.

    Well, the shady robocalls incurred a proposed $10M penalty from the FCC, and now the robocall scumbag is spilling the beans. According to him, he was paid by Mark Muir and an unnamed younger member of the family to make the shady calls.


    Local Republicans form circular firing squad and all go down in flames while Boerner-Horvath walks on by to take her Assembly seat.

    This is a perfect metaphor for how professionally these clowns govern.

  9. 7:32am. Good one, even though you knew the answer all along.

    As for Margo, sic, referring to a Guerilla profile that so fits him to a T, sick Margo, his relevance to benefitting our treasured community in any way has long been squandered.

    He revels in his dark knight persona as he supports degrading our community with no end in sight.

    This is what he does.

    This is who he is.

    A developers dream whore is who he has chosen to be.

    Any past associations with being an environmental warrior is ancient history. He knows who pays him for his advocacy, as any capitalist learns.

    Now we have Leucadia going to hell in a hand basket with this inappropriate monster on the bluff, or whats left of it, hotel travesty, along with another Margo sic, sick, supported the La Costa 44, Surfers Point, the Anderson? property next to the 44 west of the 44, the greenhouse property at the north end of Vulcan Ave.

    All this Leucadia infill ??? is bulldozing our treasured community.

    Who do we have to defend us? Tony? Catherine?

    The not funny one bit, is we do not have a defender with the current council makeup.

    !01 Leucadia Mainstreet? A city paid group of mostly real estate profiteers?

    I imagine all this development suits them to a T.

    Streetscam fits this paradigm to a T.

    Tony? Not even close to what we deserve.

    Alex. Come on down.

    Susan. Come on down.

    Julie Thunder? Well, as much as we need a new majority for anything to change in any meaningful way, she will have to prevail.

    The recent photo of her standing next to Crista at a Del Mar womens repugnican gathering was a poor choice on her part.

    That will come back to bite her. It is no surprise where her tendencies lie. I thought Julie would have been astute enough to avoid any public situation that pointed to her repugnican leanings.

    As much as I support a regime change in our city with a new majority, this remains questionable.

    Alex. Bring it on.

    Susan. Bring it on.

    Julie Thunder. To be determined. Come on Julie. We need a clearly independent voice. That has not been evident. Yet.

    Some of these new candidates claim to be independent. We should hope this amounts to more than a campaign strategy.

    The independency of these candidates means little if they don't step up and show us where their loyalties lie. Party affiliation or community?

    To be determined. Time is running out.

    Are you a repugnican or a community defender? You cannot be both. Not not in this election cycle.

    1. Ewww, Thunder likes Covid Crista? Supports sea walls? Yeah, she had my vote but may have lost it. I cant stand CB but can’t stand stupid either. This sucks.

    2. She did not have your vote, 10:52.

      10:10 - Susan and Alex cannot bring anything on without Thunder in office, too. Just a thought :)

  10. Heyyy, why can robots post on this blog? I'm offended. ROBOT LIVES MATTER! STICK IT TO THE MAN!!

  11. This entire projects stinks. It was clear from the start - when, rather than being required to truck grading material away from the site, the builders were cleared to dump fill directly into the ocean - that this project was being given special con$ideration.
    The 7-day-a-week work demonstrated that the developers were well funded and motivated to move fast.
    The City has been wormy, secretive and less than direct with the public about this project. One can guess that Encinitas' genius planners see this franchised hotel as the cornerstone of ShitScape.
    Thanks for serving the developers at the expense of the residents of Encinitas Ms. Mayor, Council and Committees.

    1. If you don’t like it, then it must be against the law.

  12. 11:37 - if people (the city) behaves in a shifty, clubby way, they are probably doing something unethical.
    Certainty they so not represent my interests.