Saturday, August 28, 2010

Graceland can be yours

7026 Estrella del Mar, La Costa. For sale by owner, who was last seen in a 7-11 in Oklahoma.

Elsewhere around town today,

two bicyclists broken down on the Vulcan Puncture Path. One reported 20 goat head punctures in his tire. So far NCTD and the Encinitas Parks and Rec Department appear to be doing exactly nothing about it.

You too, Dan! An ill wind blows for good ol' boys from Washington D.C. to Encinitas this November.

Rancho Tyvek Estates. Reportedly just sold. No construction action yet.

The top of the bike / running trail between the golf course and El Camino Real. The path starts across the street from Quail Gardens.

I hadn't heard of this train death, and couldn't find anything about it online. Somebody apparently either suspects foul play or needs more evidence for a lawsuit vs. NCTD.

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