Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not so fast: Monster House Suzy Brown back in trouble

Yeah, the prosecutors screwed up, but they get a do-over:

Prosecutors will refile charges against Suzy Brown, the woman accused of stripping $1 million worth of lavish fixtures from the foreclosed home her Encinitas neighbors dubbed the "monster house," according to a deputy district attorney.

Superior Court Judge Aaron Katz dismissed felony theft and vandalism charges against Brown on Thursday after a preliminary hearing at the Vista Courthouse.

Katz said Deputy District Attorney Robert Eacret had shown evidence at the hearing that Brown, 45, had taken truckloads of toilets, windows and appliances from the Olivenhain mansion after she moved out in March 2009, but the judge said he had to dismiss the charges on a technicality.

Eacret, the judge said, presented little evidence that a foreclosure was complete and a bank owned the house when the fixtures disappeared.

A certified deed recorded by the county could not be admitted into evidence as an official record, the judge ruled.



    Above is latest business (scam) by Ms. Brown which is above which basically is a pyramid scheme. Someone should contact Usana to let them know what she is up to before others are hurt by her illegal activities.

  2. How appropriate. The monster house was made of straw, literally. It was to be the recycled house. The walls are straw bales. Wonder if that is advertised in the selling brochures.