Friday, December 17, 2010

Del Mar, San Diego residents forced to consume government-ordered chemicals

Chemicals for the sheeple, because bureaucrats know better than nature what's good for you.

Fortunately, this hasn't hit Encinitas... yet.


  1. When fluoride is added to the water in Encinitas, I guess I'll search out a source for bottled water, as much as I hate to do that. I've already stopped other sources of fluoride contamination (within my control) for my household.

  2. Anna, You already have fluoride in your drinking water in Encinitas.

    Fact- YOU DO NOT NEED fluoride in your drinking water to have healthy teeth. Don't believe me?? Ask your dentist!!

  3. You're right - there is some fluoride from blended water sources, but it won't be long before it contains the full state-mandated amount. I really don't want fluoride in our water - for lots of reasons. I absolutely agree fluoride isn't necessary for healthy teeth, and it can be harmful for thyroid glands.