Friday, December 31, 2010

Gaspar: How can I be the Great Uniter when Barth is such a horrible person?

Gaspar responds to NCT raspberry.

The hypocrisy is astounding:

This contentious tone was continued throughout the recent election season by both Ms. Barth and Councilmember Maggie Houlihan, as they disparaged the character and integrity of candidates they opposed.

Excuse me? Whose shadowy backers sent out the hit piece mailers? And whose supporters called Barth a "whore" at the Leucadia forum?

Additionally, a small group of their supporters routinely harassed my family.

Evidence please?

Not once did Ms. Barth or Ms. Houlihan publicly denounce the behavior of their supporters. In fact, they held several pep-style rallies to hurl accusations at their political opponents.

Those "pep-style rallies" were organized by citizens to bring attention to corruption at city hall. Barth and Houlihan may have attended some (I don't recall), but they didn't organize them or speak at them. Apparently Gaspar believes citizens holding their elected leaders accountable is just not right.

By the way, not once did Ms. Gaspar publicly denounce the behavior of her supporters.

Read the whole thing, but the bottom line is that Barth and Houlihan and their supporters are mean and so there's no point trying to work with them. So "cooperation and civility" means a three-vote majority ignoring both the council minority and the citizens.

Cooperation and civility as long as you agree with me.


  1. Every suspicion that Gaspar was a shill put up by the special interests to maintain the $tock$ power hold on the council proved true. Her ludicrous letter to the NCT was beyond belief - she apparently forgot what really happened during the election. It is a case of painting the roses red - she'll see things as her handlers desire. One can only hope that the community activists call her on her every discrepency and inconsistency - she'll perhaps then realize that transparency may not be what she really wants.

  2. Don't be so naive to think Jerome is the grand poobah behind all this. It's the county "Republican" machine at work. Emphasis on the " "...

  3. 9:58,

    Exactly right. The allegedly Republican Lincoln Club of San Diego County sent out an expensive hit piece against Barth to benefit the union/developer candidates Gaspar and Dalager even though Gaspar and Dalager were clearly the worst candidates from a taxpayer / fiscal conservative perspective.