Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whole Foods puts up sign at Pacific Station

We had our doubts, but it looks like they're really coming.

And according to the Daily Transcript, the condos are now selling, too:

Models are open and the sale of 47 residential units are now under way at Pacific Station, the $40 million mixed-use development at 687 South Coast Highway 101, in downtown Encinitas.

With prices from the $300,000s to $700,000s, homes at Pacific Station include a mix of two-story townhomes, two-story lofts and single-story, flats ranging from approximately 600 to 2,300 square feet.

... though they don't appear to have them in the MLS yet. But who needs exposure? These things will fly off the shelves like the Moonlight Lofts did, right?

Here's the condo web site if you want to be the first to buy.


  1. The Whole Foods sign has always been on site. They simply moved it from the construction fencing to the balcony. Don't beleive this confirms that "they're really coming" to the Encinitas location. Hope I'm wrong however. C/M.

  2. They'd better be coming. If there's one part of town that needs a market it's downtown, especially since the Albertson's near Westlake closed.

  3. The way I look at it the Whole Foods developemt team in San Diego is out of touch with reality! The planned stores that are to small, in areas that are out of the normal shoping districs! You will have to go out of your way just to shop there..

  4. There has been construction on the inside of the store for a few weeks now and is moving along. One of the workers said they are shooting for opeining in May but no later then June 2011