Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The history of Encinitas' mayoral rotation

I'm more interested in whether three council members will stand up for pension reform than who gets to be mayor. But it's a bad sign that Kristen Gaspar and Jim Bond are allying themselves with anti-reform Jerome Stocks.

2010 12 14 Mayoral Rotation


  1. Barth could have and almost certainly would have agendized pension reform among many other issues that Stocks and Bond would rather let lie. Is this the real reason they are passing her over? They don't want her to be deputy mayor either because then she runs the water district meetings and will be able to bring out SDWD ethics issues to public discussion.

  2. It is amazing that $tock$ has successfully tied up the Encinitas city council for another 4 years. The scant minority of concerned citizens realized that Gaspar was a shill, and she confirmed that the first night that she was "on". Pension reform??? Not on their watch. They want to further feather their own nests, at taxpayers expense. A recall on Gaspar about 2 years in would be great!