Monday, February 27, 2012

Eckes push subdivision farce on Encinitas rubes

NC Times:
A proposal to subdivide the Paul Ecke Ranch flower-growing property into three parcels, but keep all of the land in agricultural use, will be debated during a special hearing Tuesday.


Dichoso has been telling people that the proposed subdivision won't change the land's agricultural zoning.

"Basically, we're redrawing the property lines," he said.
If you believe three different farmers want to buy pieces of that property to grow flowers on, I've got a bridge to sell you.


  1. How much for the bridge? Do you deliver?

  2. The Eckes were here way before the subdivision suburban Subaru Outback crew with their lattes and their Coexist stickers. They've given more land away and done more for the community than any other multi-generation Encinitas family I can think of.

    Suddenly, they want to sell some of their private property and everyone gets their panties in a bundle because they want to preserve the "character" of Encinitas as a rural flower growing beach community? Come on. BS. Encinitas lost this character trait back in the early 80's.

    Who are we to tell them that because their land was zoned agriculture, they are stuck with that legality despite the obvious fact that it isn't economically feasible to farm in Encinitas.

    At least be honest. We just want green belts and fewer houses that we have our slice of the pie. Even at the expense of others private property rights. At least come out and say that this is selfishness masquerading as community preservation, social justice, economic justice, etc...

    1. It doesn't matter anymore. The entire Ecke property was sold 2 hours ago and Ecke will be moving off in appx 1-2 years and probably shuting down the business. And by the way a large local developer purchased the property for Seacrest expanision.