Friday, February 17, 2012

Firefighters get four more years of gravy train

Here's the new firefighter pay and pension agreement.

Here's what those firefighters made two years ago before the new 12% pay and pension increase (click to enlarge):

That's thirty-some firefighters making over $100,000 a year in this little town that rarely has a fire.

And thanks to the Great Jerome Stocks Pension Giveaway of 2005, and now the apparent Stocks/Gaspar/Muir Pay and Pension Increase of 2012, we're going to have to pay those folks six figures for life, plus free health care for life, when they retire at 55.


    I'll remember which council members vote for this outrage in NOVEMBER!!! You have been warned!!!

  2. Yes, and keep in mind that Olivenhain has the absolute worst response time in the county. Every time a firefighter position opens up there are literally 1000 people that show up to test. Methinks that if 1000 people show up for one or two positions then getting on the fire dept is analogous to winning the lottery. Certainly there is no supply / demand wage setting for public employees.

  3. Read the article in the NCT. There are firefighters that object to contributing 3% a year to their pension?? UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! I pay 100% into my pension!!! Yes I know, UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!! Perhaps more $5 million fire stations will change their opinion. Perhaps more personal radios to carry around as they shop at Vons on city time will change their opinion.
    Will this pay raise help homeowners when their homes catch fire?? Or will the Enc fire dept still allow homes to burn to the ground as they did the home on Crest just before Christmas??
    Gee, I wish I could get paid for laying on my back. Never gonna happen, but then I'm not a firefighter. And please don't give me those tired cliches about how they rush into burning buildings, this is a choice they made and they get PAID to do it!! Heroes don't get paid and heroes don't choice to be heroes.
    I agree with the above posting, I will remember who votes for this outrage.

  4. Thank you for that information. These over $100,000 employees are grossly overpaid. Many retirees in Encinitas live on much less. The reporting date on the list is 2010. How many more employees in 2012 have joined the $110,000 plus Encinitas city hall country club?

  5. Fire 50% of staff, they always need a consultant to get anything done, and DON'T RE-ELECT ANYONE IN NOVEMBER!!!


  6. STOCKS-I will contribute the legal maximum amount of money to defeat you in November.
    MUIR-I will contribute the legal maximum amount of money to defeat you in November.

    Stocks and Muir wanted...for screwing the Encinitas taxpayer. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

  7. I was a firefighter paramedic on the east coast. I can tell you we did a hell of a lot more (call volume) with considerably less(man power and budget) in far more challenging (urban) environments.Not to mention that 1; we actually fought fires and 2; some of them were on the third floor...

    100k is realistic for a dual role Firefighter Paramedic or an Engineer in this day and age. But this department is way overgrown. Seriously, how many Captains? And whats with that ladder truck?? Are you kidding me?