Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pacific View saved from greedheads?

This sounds like a good deal all around.

NC Times:
School trustees in Encinitas took a step Wednesday toward selling the Pacific View site to a nonprofit group that wants to turn it into a community arts center.
The Encinitas Union School District Board of Trustees agreed to allow Superintendent Tim Baird to begin negotiations with the San Diego-based group Art Pulse.
If the deal goes through, it would end years of speculation and public conflict about how the oceanview property should be used, which peaked in October, when the district sued the city over zoning for the site.
Baird said Wednesday the city would drop the suit if negotiations with Art Pulse are successful.
April Game, executive director of Art Pulse, said she is "beyond optimistic" about the sale.
Here's Art Pulse.  Yeah, it's a little New York - La Jolla hipster doofus, but it would be a hell of a lot better than high-density condos.


  1. Word out is that the plan included 10 houses that wasn't report in the newspaper. John DeWald has also joined forces with the Art Pulse, formerly San Diego Fine Art Society. There is a definite smell about the project.

  2. Roger Bolus (his name sounds familiar) helped review the proposals for the school district.

  3. Follow the money....