Friday, October 12, 2012

Stocks uses taxpayer-funded survey, tax-exempt charity for campaign propaganda

We knew when the city commissioned its ridiculous "citizen satisfaction survey" in an election year, the purpose was to give the incumbents a political weapon. As if the reason anyone likes living in Encinitas has anything to do with City Hall. Conveniently left out of the survey, by the way, were questions about overdevelopment, unfunded pension liabilities, toxic waste at the Hall Park, crony real estate transactions and city contracts, etc.

I'd say the survey tells us what we already knew: that people love to live in Encinitas and have almost no interaction with City Hall.

So here is the mailer we've been expecting. "Thank you to our city council... for making our city such a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Keep up the good work."

But the new twist is that the group paying for this is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, "We Love Encinitas."

Quoting from the IRS web site on 501(c)3's:
The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests [...]
Charity money going to send out love notes to politicians during campaign season? Whose interests are served by this at all other than the private electoral interests of Jerome Stocks and Mark Muir?  When, in the history of all municipalities, has a legitimate charity ever been formed to mail out puff pieces on politicians during campaign season?

Think about that: Jerome Stocks' backers are getting tax deductions for sending out what are, for all practical purposes, campaign mailers.  I suspect the IRS will frown on this charade and those involved will face legal consequences.  But even if not, what was Stocks thinking?  On the heels of sign-gate, to serve up another prime example of cutting corners and bending or breaking rules for political gain?  How much more blatant could he be in validating the complaints of his harshest critics?


  1. It just goes to show you that even a Stanford PhD is willing to whore himself out the same way that they Berkeley PhD was willing to whore himself out on the General Plan.

    If this guy want to show his face in Encinitas since his office is located here, he had better speak up and say that he had nothing to do with this abuse of information. This is beyond duplicitous!

  2. Here's the latest pontification from Mayor Stocks on SD Rostra:

    He actually posted the phony email that has been circulating and was likely written by Mike Andreen. The mayor seems to have lost his mooring. Are we witnessing his meltdown?

  3. This seems to confirm that Stocks is in fourth place in the polling. Yes, Andreen's fingerprints are all over the letter. It's an attempt to knock Kranz out and move Stocks into 3rd place in voting. Since Jack Orr's death, Stocks is floundering around trying to save his campaign.

  4. Dang, Stocks is promoting an attack video on Maggie Houlihan that he directed and a silly fake email that he had Andreen write.
    This guy is slimy.

    1. Where can you see that video? (not that I want to, but I heard it exists)

  5. The Maggie attack video and the slimy Andreen fake email is on the Sdrostra site referenced above. Search 'stocks'.
    Remember that although stocks stated that he had never met or ever communicated with joe, that was a lie. Stocks contacted joe and sent him information to attack Maggie and Teresa. And there is no doubt he is aware that Andreen wrote the fake email.

  6. Jim Kidd and Bruce Ehlers - 2013 - unemployed.

  7. The last two posts beg the question,

    Is it true that Stocks and Andreen both had felonys removed from their records by the mayors friends in law enforcement? And didn't one of them stop beating their wife?

  8. On SD Rostra Mayor Stocks is commenting by innuendo. Here are the regulations in California regarding voting:

    "Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated and on parole. Voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of parole, and people on probation can vote. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote."

    Let's not forget that disgraced ex-Mayor Dan Dalager avoided a felony charge by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge. There were serious accusations about his loan from Dan Shelly and his consultant work with the bank. Whatever is in the background of Joe Corder, it is irrelevant to Signgate. The video speaks for itself. There's no denying what Stocks and Muir did. Everything else is a diversion, something Mike Andreen and Jerome Stocks are very good at.

    I see a desperation in what Stocks wrote on SD Rostra. I sense Stocks is low in the polling, and he figures he has nothing to lose by wallowing in the mud and throwing it as fast as he can.

  9. If We Love Encinitas is really a non-profit why is their web site address: It should be as a .org email address indicates non-profit status and the non-profit status ID# should have been included on the flyer. A search of CA Secretary of State site of corporation names indicates no existing corporation filing for We Love Encinitas

  10. anon. 11:53
    Thank-you for the information - I just realized that the email address on some non profits that I know are real non-profits have .org at the end.

  11. It doesn't matter WHAT the guy video taping Stocks and Muir has done, or is. What matters is the EVIDENCE, and Exhibit A clearly shows Stocks and Muir breaking the law. What the tape also shows is Stocks' way of dealing with any interactive situation, and that is to be aggressive and threatening, both of which he does beautifully. Well, done Sir Jerome! This reminds me of when a woman is raped, the first thing the defense for the criminal asks is, "What were you wearing". I also find it horrible that Stocks would involve his own flesh and blood into this situation. Isn't that called "child abuse"?

  12. Anybody could have shot that video. If I had seen Stocks and Muir in the act, I would have also picked my phone and tape the all thing. The desperation from Jerome's is evident over the last 2 weeks: Signgate, cancellation of council meeting, sending Andreen's loose and this Maria Ledesma (from Mission Viejo) who are doing more harm than good to his campaign, using a feel good survey about quality of life that has nothing to do with his performance while on council. Stocks and Andreen must really think that people in Encinitas are stupid. They are not: Where are the front yard signs for Stocks? I have not seen one in front of residents.
    He can take credit for the sand replenishment if he wants, knowing full well that the sand, just like him, will be washed away with time.

    We should ask for the taxpayers of Encinitas to be listed on the 460 form for Mr. Stocks and Mr. Muir's campaign. The received a $10K donation from all taxpayers.

    How much longer can we tolerate this abuse of power exhibited by Stocks?

    I am telling everybody to dump the town bully!

  13. Shaffer and Kranz signs are all over the public right of way (and they know it!)and in private property areas without permission (many pictures available). I guess that violates the law and they should resigns from the race.

  14. The only way to get Andreen out of town and shut him up will be to boycott every business associated with his New Encinitas "chamber". As much as I love Bret's BBQ, I am no longer gong to eat there.

  15. To Anon......11;16,
    Please forward all the "many pictures" that show Schaffer and Kranz putting up illegal signs.
    Oh, there are none ???


  16. This flier is obviously in violation of state election codes. As stated above by Anonymous. the sponsoring "group" is not listed with the state and, by my eyes, has not, to date, filed an organization or disclosure form (460) with the city. It's likely the flier cost over $1000 so this is an illegal activity. So much for charity and honesty.

  17. $tock$ bloated face is distorted in panic as News 10 interviewed him on the Signgate issue. His statement in the campaign information booklet is "My priorities are your priorities" - my priorities are to Dump $tock$! His corrupt reign has to end in November!

  18. It is so disappointing to find so many people I respect support this scumbag.(Deep sigh).

  19. Boycott, what a great idea! We should protest the advertisers at the Coast News (1 by 1 until they pull their advertisement) and while were at it, 2GIG.

  20. Stocks and his bazar fake email, stalker alert, fun video sharing blog post at
    SD Rostra is getting some unsupportive comments.

  21. Have you ever dreamed of

    -Living in a big city?
    -Increase city debts?
    -Running community characters?
    -Kicking the can down the road on city pension reform?
    -Council members bought off by special interests?
    -Council members that are allowed to break municipal codes.

    Your "dream" could come true: The Stocks/Muir/Forrester ticket is your ticket.

  22. That Leucadia Blog, way behind the times. They are reporting on the spy camera that was reported on this blog months ago....As Coach Greene used to say, "get with the program".

    Encinitas Undercover..breaking news as it happens.

    I apologize for the last minute notice. We have just finalized details. As some of you may know the City Council meeting has been unceremoniously cancelled against city code.
    To air our frustration at Mayor Jerome Stocks, we have put together an oral communications skit to empty council chairs outside city hall. Press will be there.
    WE NEED YOU PRESENCE. If you would like to participate come around 5:00 to rehearse. this is your opportunity to tell him “in abstentia” what you think. (We may need to edit your comments to keep our presentation civil).
    Otherwise if you come at 6:00 the whole skit is only 15 minutes. But I promise you will love what we have prepared for our “honorable Mayor”.
    We have told the press there will be a large audience. They’re always impressed by numbers. Plus we plan to make a youtube video and need you in it!!!

    Please try to make it. This could be our best shot at exposing Jerome’s shenanigans or... a less diplomatic expression...abuse of Power.
    And we need one high school student to make a short speech about their disappointment of not being able to come to council for “red ribbon week”.

  24. I'll be there, for sure! Thanks for the heads up.

  25. Let us know how many cops show up to keep all you wipper snappers in line!

  26. Just stumbled on this blog and its comments. To put it mildly, most of you people are NUTS! Encinitas is a great community, with great diversity, and is a wonderful place to live. My God, you'd think we're some war-torn community ready have a coup over their current leadership. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! The VAST MAJORITY of Encinitans like the city and its direction just the way it is! The readers/commentators are the small minority of dissatisfied residents who will never be happy. A little introspection is in order!