Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Serial candidate Bryan Ziegler featured in 92024 Magazine

Bryan Ziegler, who ran quixotic, way-out-of-the-money campaigns for County Supervisor, then Encinitas City Council, then Encinitas Mayor, is featured in this month's freebie 92024 Magazine.

And he's out on disability for a back injury from his County job. P.S. He recently sued the county for a hostile work environment and discrimination.


  1. Probably picked up too many pencils.....

  2. OMG - just another abuser.

  3. WC, without knowing anything about his injury, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. People get hurt, even if they work for the county.

    I've been a tough critic of Ziegler in the past, and I don't agree with some of his views, but this doesn't seem like a fair jibe...


    "The campaign comes at a difficult time personally for Ziegler. Earlier this year, he underwent back surgery, and he is often in pain, requiring a cane to walk. He is on leave from his county job as he recovers, and his condition has made it difficult for him to sit through forums and other public events."


  4. Yes, MGJ. Don't know why he wasn't present at the LTC's Candidate Forum at the library, but his nice wife sat in for him...

  5. 4:22 , you do know why he wasn't present: not only did MGJ just tell you he was out with a back injury/surgery, the wife made the announcement that night. Now we know you either: can't hear/can't read or don't like what you hear/read. Pick one.

    I will say this for him: he campaigned for Prop A, which is more than we can say for the others who opposed/were turncoats.

  6. 8:01, All we know, dear heart, is that you make snap judgments that are erroneous. In the vernacular of Verlin Heuton: "You're either / oring."

    1. Then explain why you pretend not to understand and I'll have another possibility.

  7. 6:37 You know what? I made a type-o. "Don't" should have been "Didn't".

  8. I didn't vote for Ziegler, but I think that on citizen issues, he would have been more sympathetic than others on our current council.

    He gathered a huge number of signatures for Prop A and stood by his involvement with Prop A even when they yanked the Republican endorsement away from him. I think that this shows character and ethics.

    He has expressed no plans to develop property like Blakespear's family and Tony since I have heard Kranz talk about putting units on his mother-in-law's property more than once. He hasn't said that he believes in affordable housing so that he can get his own kids out of the house and into the program like Lisa Shaffer and Kranz have.

    I credit Ziegler for trying to do something while he is on disability. I am sorry that such a young person has a serious back problem. I hope he is able to get back to his job. I have seen him walk, and he has been using a cane for more than a year!