Monday, May 2, 2016

Artist from Encinitas murdered on Maui

CBS 8:
Two men are being held in connection to the death of a Maui artist.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that a 24-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were arrested in the death of 39-year-old artist Michael Colby.

Colby's body was discovered March 1 in the area of Kaa Point, just west of Kanaha Beach.

The man has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail. The teen was arrested Friday by Maui police and has been turned over to the Sheriff's Department.

The painter moved from Encinitas, California, five years ago and often worked outdoors or at Kanaha Beach.
Maui News:
[P]olice identified the murder victim as 39-year-old Michael Colby, who was living in Kahului after moving to Maui from Encinitas, Calif., about five years ago.

"He was an incredible soul," said Janel Enger, who grew up with Colby in California and considered him a brother. "There's nobody in the world even close to him."

"He was a wonderful human being, always had a smile to share and a laugh. He was willing to cheer anybody up at any given time through any circumstances at all."


Colby grew up in the San Diego area, graduating from San Dieguito High School in Encinitas in 1994.


  1. Locals attacking a howlie? That was common decades ago; maybe that bad attitude prevails still.

    1. Attitude much worse today with divisive 'liberal democrat'-created "special ethnic interest group" politics (these 'special ethnic interest groups' include anybody that isn't white but include Jews so basically any White Anglo Saxon Protestant will be discriminated against by these groups that have been purposefully designed to attack, degrade and destroy traditional white culture). Specifically in Hawaii, it is the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement which many of the male thugs have tattooed on their bodies.
      The Hawaiian sovereignty movement presents an outward appearance of multiracial partnership; but it is racist to the core. Hawaiian metaphysical racism is a fundamental religious belief that possession of even a small amount of Hawaiian native ancestry carries a genetically encoded racial supremacy based on a family relationship among the gods, the land, and ethnic Hawaiian people. Such a belief logically justifies the existing institutional racism, where racially exclusionary private and government agencies comprise the bricks in Hawai'i's growing wall of apartheid. To expand Hawai'i's institutional racism and defend it against legal attacks, politicians have introduced legislation in Congress (the Akaka bill) to authorize a phony new Indian tribe to be created out of thin air, whose only rule for membership is possession of a drop of Hawaiian blood. Hawai'i's politicians overwhelmingly favor this bill, to keep federal dollars flowing to Hawai'i through the established racially exclusionary institutions. Some people with no native ancestry support metaphysical and institutional racism, and support either total independence for Hawai'i, or the Akaka bill. They support these things partly to ensure job security; but also because they admire Hawaiian culture, consider ethnic Hawaiians an endangered species, and feel compassion in the face of victimhood propaganda. The Hawaiian sovereignty movement is anti-American and anti-white for historic reasons. Ethnic Hawaiian activists also try to build solidarity with Asians to create a large majority of Hawai'i's people who will see the Hawaiian sovereignty movement as a struggle of dark-skinned people against oppression by whites and by the U.S. government. 52 footnotes occupying more than 60% of the space for this essay provide both content and references. Some footnotes are quite lengthy, and are cited more than once.
      More here:

    2. If you think Encinitas has a problem with overcrowding, new comers who don't understand or respect local history and culture, and gentrification that prices multi-generational locals out of housing, try Hawaii.

      Making things worse, the Jones Act makes everything from gas to food much more expensive than it should be.

      I completely understand the source of frustration, but it doesn't excuse violent criminal behavior.

    3. 11:37- I agree with you on all your points, however how is this any different than "American Exceptionalism" or the same treatment a non-white might get in many parts of this country? Can we agree that in any human population there are always going to be a percentage of A-holes.

    4. Wait, you agree with the idea that "these groups that have been purposefully designed to attack, degrade and destroy traditional white culture"?

      The battle cry of the oppressed white victim.

      Proving once again that if you look hard enough, you will find a way to be aggrieved.

  2. So sad. Hawaiians are known to be some THE biggest racists in the U.S. and are so incredibly violent. Unless you are living behind a gate in some fancy development, watch your back! Young white Americans are constantly targeted by 'Hawaiians' thugs.

    If any of you parents have teenagers 'romanticizing' a trip to Hawaii, please pass this on, it may even save their life.

    Go to You Tube and type in Racism in Hawaii or go here:

    Haoli is the equivalent of the 'n' word.

    Kalama Beach, Maui, Hawaii - Man Threatens Women, Anti-Haoles
    "You know what I don't like Dumb white people like you guys"

  3. I went to Hawaii one time in 1978. I was verbally attacked by an 8 (!!!) year old on a city bus and no one said anything to this child. Then more verbal abuse from a bunch of cross dressers on another city bus, and the driver did nothing. It's a f'ed up place.