Monday, May 2, 2016

Prom Invitation Kook

Doesn't say who it's from. Hope Hannah knows.


  1. Leucadia Club to sell Alcohol.

  2. There is supposed to be a temporary ban of alcohol permitting licenses being granted, currently in affect, due to all the freaking bars that are proliferating in our town.

    I feel for the neighbors across the back alley, if this is allowed. You just know there has to be some outside back patio that they want to use. Enough already. No more bars, no more alcohol permits. We are saturated with too many of them now.

    Gary Murphy should be on a tirade over this, so look out Leucadia Club. It is not nice to fool with [mother nature] his peace and quiet. Enough already with the damn bars, no matter whether they call it a private club or not.

  3. Leucadia Club got some 'splanin' to do....

  4. Hey bro, its Leucadia, smoke a doobie and chill out man. Why all the hate'n on the business owners in Leucadia. Mother Nature has determined that the only real way to make a living in Leucadia is sell booze so go with the flow man and have a drink and like the topless girl painted on the side of that liquor store in Leucadia paid for with Steven Mizel funds through that hairy lesbian Leichtag gal, you too may get lucky. Pass the bong bro!

    1. yeah man let's all get stoned and drive our cars up and down the 101 like we did the the 70's man... the 70's were so cool, we could do what we wanted. Listen to the DEAD and trip out...

  5. We should give Leucadia Club the license held by the drug-dealing bar, or the one that over-served a patron enough to stumble into traffic.

    Screw up badly, lose your license. Results in no net new liquor licenses.

  6. It is shameful that a great percentage, if not all, of our new businesses are bar related. Welcome to PB North. I welcome any non-bar related businesses that I have overlooked. Please let us know, so we can support you.

    This seems to always go back to the Planning Dept. as they approve and push for anything, without considering the quality of life that is going down the tubes with bar after bar.

    The moratorium on granting alcohol licenses because of too many in such a small area, should apply to the Planning Dept. too, with permits. Of course that will never happen while the same directors and senior planners remain in their jobs.