Monday, May 23, 2016

Full Moon Toga Party Kook


  1. The Kook is doing his share - rent a place on the surfboard - $4500/month. Free costumes included.

  2. Be sure you don't use the name Kook or the Cardiff Mainstreet group will sew you for a quarter million bucks. The hubris of a city sponsored group acting like this is ... oh well.

    Sure, they raised the original funds for the statue only, before it was called the Kook by us locals. They didn't pay for the installation. They don't own that Kook moniker. They do own the original name of the artists rendering, but the Kook name is ours and should be free to use, especially with an event that promises to give back o our community. This is a shame.

  3. 3:34
    Actually, anyone can use the name 'Kook'.
    The problem is that the image is copyrighted. The promoter if the Kook Run knowingly used the copyrighted image, belonging to a non profit, without permission for personal financial gain.
    As for giving back to the community, the promoter gave back less than 1% to charities and kept the rest of the money himself.
    The Kook Run and the Turkey Trot, both great and fun events for the community, give about $1000 to charity per race. If the organizers if these races get 2800 runners at $45 per runner, that's a lot of money.
    The problem is not that Lebertz promises to give back to the community, it is that he does not give back much at all, and some years gave absolutely nothing.
    The Surfing Madonna races are pledging over $100,000.00 to go back to the community.

    1. There is blame for both sides. The Cardiff group wanted money for nothing. And kept asking for more.

      And you can't compare the amounts because the entry fee for the 1/2 marathon will likely be 3x the Kook/Trot runs.

  4. 1:59
    Some may disagree with your statement of the cardiff group wanting money for nothing. You have a private individual using a copyrighted image belonging to a non profit organization to promote his business enterprise and refusing to pay for liscencing. You may say that is nothing. Others would say that that is a violation of federal copyright laws.