Saturday, August 6, 2016

Man drives off bluff at F Street, dies

Fox 5:
A man was killed Saturday after the vehicle he was driving went off a bluff in Encinitas, landing on the shore below, a San Diego County Sheriff’s Department official said.

The incident was reported at 6:50 a.m. The vehicle, a Hyundai sedan, went off the bluff near Fourth and H streets, Lt. Jim Walker said.

No further details were available
It actually happened at F Street, in the vacant lot next to the big condo building construction site.

UPDATE: Suicide à la Thelma & Louise. Nice place to do it, if you gotta go.


  1. Years ago, a tow truck driver did the same thing just south of Swamis. The person that pulled the driver's body from the surf said that his brains were protruding thru his cracked skull. Not a great way to go actually.

    1. I believe he was the son of the owner of the tow truck company and yard right next to Hansen's.......

      - The Sculpin

  2. Sculpin is an insider...

    Likely a retired fire princess .

    That's why he or she has so much time on her hands

  3. Maybe this lost soul was deterred by the stepped up enforcement in the rail corridor.

  4. Shaffer wants to retroactively charge him for parking.

  5. "Nice place to do it, if you gotta go." Attempt at dark humor or not, kind of a lame thing to say considering the guy is dead. Not to mention, someone could have been killed walking on the beach.