Friday, August 19, 2016

Mountain Vista area homeowner with kitchen knife chases away burglar

10 News:
An Encinitas woman told 10News she confronted an intruder in her garage and chased him away, but she now regrets her actions.

When Amy Kong saw images of a man inside her garage, there was no hesitation. She grabbed a kitchen knife and went after him.

Just before midnight on Monday night, she got a push alert on her phone that let her know the surveillance camera in her garage had caught movement.

"I saw that there were six images of a gentleman breaking into my car," said Kong.
That was no gentleman.


  1. The crime in this area seems to be rising. Be sure to keep your car doors locked at all times and keep your doors and windows closed and locked in your home morning, noon and night.

    One can not be too careful.

  2. Was the knife the Nicole Simpson Commemorative model, sanctioned by OJ?

  3. Gaurenteed to beat the DA everytime!!