Saturday, May 6, 2017

Police action

Encinitas Boulevard at Vulcan right now. That's a car up in the trees beyond the woman on the phone.


  1. So many humans are soooo stupid.

    God help the human race. Its scary to think who has fingers on the H-bomb button these days.

    1. Chum Chump, the orange haired chimp? We are witnessing the last days of Rome II - the American dream vaporizes into chaos, greed and sheer stupidity for lack of coherent leadership.

  2. Is the tree OK??????

  3. An impromptu overflow parking lot for Lazy Acres!

  4. Maybe the only SUV in Encinitas that's had its tires touch dirt.

  5. The parking lot at Lazy Acres is abysmal. Whoever allowed that tight a configuration to become what it is, should be fired.

    Oh wait. Maybe he was. Did Ed Deane have anything to do with that or was it Masih?

    Anyone that doesn't have a tight radius turning vehicle can barely park there.

    I hope the tree is ok. The cell phone record of the driver should be examined.

    This goes the same for the soccer mom in her minivan on Encinitas Blvd heading down the hill before Sprouts Saturday afternoon that caused an accident. Everybody was thankfully unharmed, other than the two vehicles. It was apparent that the minivan pulled out into the traffic flow at the wrong time, as that BMW suv couldn't avoid ramming into the minivan.

    Check the cell phone activity of the soccer moms minivan driver.

    We all can't avoid the fact that every time we are out on the roads, we see this same distraction going on, even with children in the vehicle. The example being sent by the parents does not portend well for the time when these young people get their permits to drive.

  6. Is the POV in the photo looking east on Encinitas Blvd from the SW corner of Vulcan?

  7. Cars don't climb trees. Someone probably drove into the treetop from the driveway down from the Best Western. Maybe a bad driver, C2H6O, or a Dumbo car.

  8. According to NBC7, the driver suffered a medical emergency and drove off the road; the minivan's other occupants are apparently OK but the driver died.

  9. Did the city classify it as affordable housing?