Thursday, July 27, 2017

Purported kidnapping attempt on Neptune

A teenage girl fought off a man, with another man waiting inside a nearby pickup truck, escaping an attempted kidnapping Wednesday in Encinitas, authorities announced. A sketch has been released of one of the two men wanted in the attempted abduction.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. in the 1600 block of Neptune Avenue, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. The 15-year-old girl told deputies she was waxing her surfboard in the driveway of her home when a man came up from behind her and pinned her to the ground. She said the man tried to drag her toward a pickup truck parked along Grandview Street where another man, seen in the sketch, was waiting inside.


  1. Good drawing! Looks like one of those damn hipsters.

  2. More sensational new from this new blog owner whoobviously wants to suppress any real stories about the subversion in this town. BTW how much did you pay for this blog of ten years and why did you never disclose to us good blog fans of the sale?

    1. Pay for? Sale? Google blogs are free. This one has no ads, so there's no revenue.

    2. 10:11 spreading rumors, hoping to take away from the influence this blog has. Increasing numbers are tuning in, learning, and becoming skeptical of all things city related. This means trouble for staff, council, developers, anyone whose main goal is to profit off this town.

      Trolls, beware! Your job will only get harder.

  3. Ban leaf blowers in Encinitas. They're air and noise polluters. Use rakes and brooms instead. Stop just blowing stuff around. Pick it up!

  4. 10:11am has everything that points to a certain lowlife out of town poster on our local resource, with the exception of using the term cultural marxists. Go away Thomas Roger Ogden, you slimy pos.

    WC, thanks for the gift of real news for our treasured community.

    New blog owner? What , what? A truly sick mind sees all sorts of imaginings from his hovel in a San Diego neighborhood.