Thursday, August 10, 2017

Encinitas $100,000 pension club expands to 19

Mark Muir is still the pension king at $185,000 per year.

Transparent California:

Name Pension Years of  Year of 
    Service Retirement
Mark Muir $184,888.08 34.21 2011
Donald G Heiser $162,463.68 33.79 2006
Joseph W Bunn $157,929.12 31.02 2010
Jeffrey S Henry $153,603.96 33 2013
Michael P Daigle $138,536.16 28.71 2015
Talmadge F Tufts $131,159.16 33.35 2005
Vincent-Peer Hubner $121,711.20 Beneficiary 2011
Darlene R Hill $113,748.96 36.26 2009
Gary A Reeve $111,970.88 34.71 2002
Robert M Romero $111,576.36 35.1 2009
Robert J Lamarsh $108,832.26 33.46 1992
David L Moore $106,583.88 31.73 2007
Richard S Phillips $103,726.92 25.99 2014
Thomas E Curriden $102,611.28 31.59 2013
Charles Essex $102,604.32 31.27 2014
Darrin R Ward $102,011.76 21.26 2014
John C Gonzales $101,669.40 30 2014
Steve M Walsh $101,651.88 32.41 2006
James R Kelly $101,395.68 30.57 2007


  1. Plenty of "diversity" on this list!

  2. For common clerical jobs - shows who is running the asylum.

  3. Sickening. What do these people do other than push paper and look for ways to grab more monies from the public??

  4. Three jealous persons who didn't work hard enough in their lives to earn what these people did. Get a good job and plan well.

    1. Lololollll. Work hard enough??? Lololollll. Firefighters, opps, first responders, work 11 days a month. Then they pile on the overtime. Work hard enough.... give us a break.

  5. Let's not forget that Muir picks up another $40-60K serving on those worthless commissions. He's the head of San Diego water where he tells us how happy we are to have water...Really??
    And that we must conserve because there's a shortage. Huh?? No there's not. In NoCal they are releasing water into the ocean. Tahoe is at double capacity. There's no shortage. But somehow with all this water they increase the price.... hmmmm. Oh that's right, to pay salaries and PENSIONS!!!

    1. There's a shortage of water, yet we claim we must build to the skies for those who "need" to move here. Will those folks not use water?

      Follow the money. Any topic you like, follow the money. What did $tock$$ get in return for leading the approval of a 35% pension increase in a single vote?

    2. Find out and let everybody know.

    3. Something tells me you know, 9:08.

    4. Nope, waiting to hear.

    5. Let us know what he got.

    6. Read here for what he expected to get, before he pissed off residents so badly he killed his chances for higher office:

      Now you can tell us why you support and want to protect him.

  6. Also check out the police and teachers salaries, pensions and time off!

  7. Don't throw teachers into that mix. For what they give of their lives for the future of our kids, they are underpaid.

    This sentiment does not extend to the school system administrators and school board who rake in overpaid salaries that would be better served going to the teachers themselves and the students.

    Example? Baird, and the other dinosaurs on his school board. At least we are rid of one of the worst, but there is not a keeper in the bunch.

    Well, there is one keeper, but the rest need to go.

    The dedication of teachers who give their lives for others is a special kind of selflessness. That selflessness is lost on the school board members and the superintendent.

  8. Those 19 total $2.32 million per year.

    1. That 19 will be 25 next year, 30 the following year and it goes on and on. Until pensions are 95% of the city budget..

  9. These pensions are not the fault of the former employees except maybe Muir who is protecting his.

    1. Muir and the others don't need to "protect" their pensions, they already have it and are no longer getting pay by the city. Calpers pay their retirement, not the city. You can only effect the current and new employees.

  10. This is all Stocks doing. Is he still in town or did his wife divorce him and did he move in with his butt friend Assream?

  11. Dick Phillips at $103k per year... my god.

    That is worse than Park and REc episode. My god, how can the residents put up with this shit.

    PS- Fire princesses only work 2 days a week.

  12. Richard Phillips should lose any pension he currently gets.

    The day before Prop A was voted on, he was out on the streets monitoring the illegal placement on private property of No on A signs all over neighborhoods with out homeowners permission.

    This same city representative had at his disposal a hit squad enforcer in a big truck with blacked out windows that he called at a moments notice and whose sole purpose was to intimidate anyone who removed any of these illegally posted No on A signs.

    This was a conspiracy and he was out on the streets to support it. The thought that he receives a handsome pension after getting away with what he did, is criminal, at least figuratively speaking.