Friday, February 14, 2020

Coast News on Julie Thunder’s mayoral announcement

Coast News:
Longtime Cardiff resident Julie Thunder said she is running for mayor of Encinitas because she’s fed up with the direction she sees the city going in.

She announced her bid during a contentious marathon City Council meeting last month where she was one of more than 100 people who addressed the council regarding the overnight homeless parking lot they were set to approve.

“To everyone here tonight please join me right here and right now in keeping Encinitas a beach town as I hereby announce my candidacy for mayor,” she said at the end of a three-minute impassioned speech at the meeting on Jan. 22, as the crowd erupted in applause.

During that speech Thunder said she sees the city moving away from its small beach-town feel due to a long list of projects the council has approved, including chopping down hundreds of old trees in Leucadia to make way for road diets, parking lots and roundabouts; bringing high-rise apartments to “our peaceful, backcountry jewel” in Olivenhain; building a concrete rail-trail in Cardiff “that becomes a beach boardwalk in the summertime” and approving a regional homeless parking lot and slapping it “right in the middle of one of our cherished agricultural properties.”


  1. Because of the homeless issue and overdevelopment issues, I will have to vote for her. I hope she supports the streetscape and roundabouts in Leucadia which are a good idea.

    The alternative is a person who is marketing Encinitas as heaven for the homeless were they are welcome and will receive 360 degree support from housing to healthcare! Welcome to all the worlds poor, Encinitas can pay to lift all the poor in the world to a sustainable welfare wage and good beach living. Its easy!!

    There is no choice Julie all the way!!

    1. She doesn't support Streetscape because she realizes it's the dumbest, most expensive plan ever proposed for Encinitas.

      How many roundabouts, where would they be, how much would each cost, how much private property would be taken, and how would roundabouts help?

    2. I can't recall a mayor who needs and deserves a Vaudeville Hook sendoff from city hall quite like Catherine Blakespear. The numerous inane, arrogant, expensive, culture shattering and irresponsible decisions made by her and her crony council partners merited a recall many times over. They all need to go.

      Julie Thunder is exactly who she says she is. She has lived here forever, has known the city through good times and bad, likes to surf and enjoy the beach, enjoys getting out and being active in whats left of our glorious beach town, and actually cares deeply about her neighbors and community. She is not political or sneaky. She doesn't spin a story and work in the shadows to achieve an ulterior motive. If she says something from a place of belief and personal values, she will fight for it. She values work and your job, which means she wants to see you get to and from work without exacerbating the already crisis level traffic in Encinitas. She appreciates the natural, open space that is being slowly but permanently eroded by the current city council. She values the beach vibe and character of the coast, and the quiet earthy style of the inland areas of Encinitas. She supports local business, shared prosperity, and a less-is-more governmental approach.

      I know this because I've known Julie Thunder for years, and she believes these things. So does her husband, Kevin. They are salt of the earth Encinitans. If you think Catherine truly believes and will represent these things, then vote for her. To me, Blakespear's record speaks for itself, and it is a not a good story.

      Encinitas needs honesty, courage, integrity and appreciation. It needs a good and decent person to steer it back toward the values shared by most residents. Julie Thunder definitely embodies that goal.

  2. Blakespear = overdeveloped 5 story buildings with homeless causing havoc, crime and safety concerns for kids.

    Julie = focus on keeping Encinitas an enjoyable beach town with preservation of the existing citizens' quality of life!

    Simple choice to me. Julie!!!

  3. I am voting for Julie Thunder! She will represent Encinitas residents instead of developers and the City machine. She is smart, articulate, and courageous.

    1. Blakespear is impressively articulate and she communicates is an intelligent and inclusive way. Thunder is not nearly as articulate and her speech is dripping with latent sarcasm and ugly negativity. Blakespear is an amalgamation of Jackie Kennedy and Obama, Thunder is Trump and Ted Nugent.

    2. Yes 11:22. Obama was well spoken but a failure and Ms. Jackie wouldn't leave her cheating husband.
      While Mr. Trump and Mr. Nugent are gruff and like sandpaper on glass, both are very smart. Both men are very successful and you can't accomplish that without smarts. It's not possible

    3. 11:22 is mocking Blakespear with comparisons of beloved, articulate, and attractive public figures who inspire respect and love. She has abandoned her voters, but it is not in good taste to ridicule her.

  4. During the last election, Julie and the No Rail Trail gang tried to get Paul Gaspar elected mayor by saying whatever they thought people wanted to hear, whether it was true or not. They pretended he was a real MD, "prescribing" things for Encinitas when he can't really prescribe anything because he's a physical therapist, not a medical doctor. They also pretended he was active in the rail trail issues, dubbing him "The Mayor of the Rail Trail," even though he doesn't live in that part of town, and nobody ever saw him at the public meetings about the rail trail. The strategy was clear: say anything to get elected, even if it's not true.

    And now we see Julie repeating history. Gaspar was exposed; Thunder is exposed. She pretends to be a defender of community character, but she's the concrete queen, the BIA stooge. Her family business profits off stack and pack housing, and built the concrete monstrosity that is the three-story Pacific Station. They brag about it on their web page, and say it fits in nicely with our beach community. It doesn't. Julie says the city should fight the BIA, but her own family business is a member of the BIA, helping to fund the lawsuits against our town that force rezoning and high density housing. And when that housing comes, Julie's family makes bank on it.

    Voter's sniffed out that Gaspar wasn't who he claimed to be, and they will also sniff out Ms. Thunder's obvious and blatant misrepresentations.

    1. Are you really that stupid?
      You appear to be infected with prion like liberal mental disease which is destroying your brain

    2. 8:30 concocts BS like fine silk right out of his rear end. Quite the web of lies and deceit, but nobody is buying it. If you can substantiate just one of your accusations with a credible source, I'd vote for you instead of Fakespear. You'd have to try much much much harder to get my vote from Thunder. It would take an act of God, actually, to stop me from voting against Blakespear in this election.

  5. An angry clown getting some really bad advice from those living in the same bubble.

  6. More sweet concrete stack and pack for Julie Thunder's family business. This time in Leucadia.

    "ABP Capital financed the construction of nine residential units and four commercial units totaling 21,609 square feet in Encinitas, CA. Once complete, the project will deliver for sale condo units with sizes ranging from 987 sf to 1,988 sf as well as commercial units ranging from 1,742 sf to 2,212 sf"

    And just how do we know that the Thunder family were the concrete profiteers on this one? That answer can be found at the link below.

    "He shares, “the successful pour of the grade-level deck is a significant milestone on the project. Thunder Jones performed flawlessly and continues to be a great team member. We’re excited to get rolling on the vertical construction and for people to see the beautiful building ABP Capital has commissioned and Brett Farrow Architect has designed.”

    Concrete reps started the morning making sure we got the right flow of concrete trucks. We poured about 395 yards that day totaling 40 trucks that we strategized having spaced 7 minutes apart."

    There's so much more coming. Finding a lot of new stuff today.

    1. Holy Cow! Correction! Those two links are for TWO DIFFERENT PROJECTS. One is in Leucadia, and the other is this concrete bunker in Old Encinitas:

      Sorry. It's hard to keep them all straight when you Google "Thunder Jones Encinitas."

      Working on a complete list with links.

    2. And this means what? What exactly are you trying to say?

      Are you saying Thunder colluded with John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Mike Levine, Pelosi, Swallowell and Blakespear to create a fake dossier to submit to the city to get those buildings approved?

      You may as well link to mother jones.

      We don't fall for your tripe.


    3. 11:11 and 11:01 -- it really takes a special kind of stupid to publish the gibberish in your posts. Brett Farrow, the architect of one of the projects in question, is friendly with Blakespear and the council cabal and has served on city committees. It was their vision for an updated old Encinitas that allowed the new buildings to replace decades old structures. You think because someone made a living helping to construct these buildings that they instigated, guided and implemented the whole thing? Get a life, dude!

  7. Smells like fresh concrete and money in downtown Encinitas:

  8. Who knew the liars and frauds would again come out of their mothers basements once again to bash, lie, attack, and basically act like liberals act.

    Julie - we know the truth and will support you every step of the way.

    To the trolls, liars and frauds and police state leftists - keep trolling, lying, and smearing - it helps motivate us.

    Keep sending me those 8x11 glossy mailers with lies and smears... You know what I do with those? 1st I explain to my children that these things are sent by criminals to lie, cheat and steal. Then we have bonfires. Lots of bonfires.
    In this era of police state liberalism there are new rules.

    We will not succumb to the leftist police staters.

    We are going to fight hard to the bone.

    We will not succumb to skinny weak leftists spouting their fabrications and lies.

    New rules to the haters...

    I'll begin with telling you to f*** off.

    I've taught my kids to use the same towards you frauds.

    You may say, what a disgrace !

    I'll say rules.

    Suck it libs we own you.

    1. 1:32 mentions some form of lies, liars, lying eight times.

      Number of times he refuted any specific claims with evidence?


      One side presents facts with links so the reader can go verify the information for themselves.

      The other side has no answer, so they call people names.

      The queen of concrete is the opposite of what she claims to be. I trust the voters to spot phony.

    2. We know your strategy is to accuse your opponents of the very things you are doing.

      You're a criminal.

      Own the libs

    3. 1:51 then you trust majority to vote out blakespear. they don't come much phonier than her although tony doe$ earn his nickname too.

    4. It seems 1:51 is none other than Jeremy Blakespear. Just wait, he'll start cussing and throwing chairs in a minute.

  9. It’s going to get so much worse.

    Saving the good stuff for when voters are paying more attention in the Fall.

  10. I just received the greatest 8x11 glossy mailer about how Mike Levine is a complete and total police state liberal radical with a single digit IQ. (last 3 words added for clarity by me).

    My day has been mae!

    Does anyone know who is running against him?

    I want to donate $2500 to that cause.

    Please vote for Julie Thunder.

    Please vote for Kristin Gaspar.

    Don;t let the radical fools continue the hoaxes and entirely foolish polices that will drown us in raised taxes, extreme socialized medicine and other completely out of touch crap like rising sea levels.

    These people are out of touch and have liberal metal disease!

  11. Sorry fot the typos:

    - Day has been made

    - foolish policies


  12. Someone needs to ask Ms. Thunderhole in a public forum: does Pacific Station “blend in nicely” with our downtown, yes or no?

    If she answers no, follow up questions: So do you admit that your family business was willing to profit off a project that you knew was harmful to community character? And when the family business promotes that project on the internet by saying that it “blends in nicely,” is that just a lie to make the family business look like it doesn’t destroy communities by profiting off bad projects, or are you lying now to get elected? Because we know one of those two is a lie, which one is it?

  13. If that's the hill you're going to die on please continue.

    Hint: On a more macro level the American public was intelligent enough to see thru the impeachment hoax.

    Hint x2: You're believing the Encinitas voting public is going to buy into your bullshit tripe.

    Stranger things have happened I suppose!

    1. I accept your offer to make Julie Thunder into a referendum on Trumpism. You may want to look at the Encinitas 2016 presidential results.

  14. Its pretty easy to sum up.

    Blakespear - Newsome loving social program gobbling liberal selling out her local beach town to developers and homeless builders. Never worked a real day in her life.

    Julie- local home town resident with successful local business and supports keeping Encinitas a nice family style low key BEACH TOWN.

    Thats the platform and I will be supporting Julie!!

    1. "and supports profiting off the destruction of Encinitas' low key BEACH TOWN character."


      Fixed it for you.

  15. I don't like how she co-opted a local news outlet's brand for her own "news site". She lost me alone on based on her lack of political character.

  16. Nope. Sorry 12:14. You missed it.

    Julie - a local hard working honest person focused on keeping Encinitas a safe chill beach town.

    Blakespear - an attorney living in Mom's home coddled by Mom her whole life and is selling out Encinitas to developers (Mom's family owns alot of undeveloped property) and homeless builders. (Follows Newsomes failed policies.)

    Hmmmm - I think I've heard many people say, you can not really trust attorneys. They speak out of both sides of their mouth depending on their interest.

    Bottom Line - Anyone but Blakespear next election and her minion too.

  17. Julie Thunder is a Trumpian shill.