Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big Dirty Money in Little Encinitas

While The Leucadia Blog readers investigate the developer, union, and statewide physical therapist group money behind the Kristin Gaspar campaign (read the comments here, including a link to Gaspar's filing and background on Paul Gaspar's position in California physical therapy), Mike Andreen is investigating the funds behind the Yes on P campaign. And -- shocker -- the Proposition is behind funded by the same firms that will profit from selling crap to the district if Prop P passes!


According to the 9-30-2010 460 on file with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters; the proponents of the misleading $150 million dollar facilities bond Proposition P, (that the Encinitas Union School District has placed on the November 2 ballot) the Committee for Encinitas Schools has raised $38,700 from only 8 donations; 6 out of 8 of these donations are from vendors of the district, legal firms, construction companies and consultants that will benefit most by passage of Prop P. The vendor’s investment $38, 500 has a financial return of $150 million dollars over 30 years. The remaining $200 balance of donations is by two incumbents. Are we to understand that, out of the thousands of families with students currently enrolled in EUSD not one parent of one student donated even one dollar toward the passage of Prop P?

Don’t let six vendors and two incumbents mislead you into assuming $150 million dollars in debt for buildings. Defeat Prop P and ask the school district to return next spring with a proposition to fund programs and teachers; not buildings.


  1. If California even began to have an adequate system for funding education, this would not be coming up. But in the strangled system we have, its something like Prop P or nothing. I realize many people would rather have nothing, I hope you are in the 45% or less minority.

  2. Michael,

    They just built a $578 million Taj Mahal school in L.A.

    The problem is not lack of funds. It's where they waste money.

  3. W.C.,

    Thanks for the assistance in getting the word out: Tim Baird, Superintendent of EUSD, who has been in Encinitas a very short time, continues to state that the 'Parents of Prop O Against Prop P' are spreading false information: but every fact has been either taken from their own paperwork, or off their financial disclosure 460 forms; fact; they've used district assets, fact; not one parent of a child in the district has donated a dime towards Prop P, their own 2009/2010 Facilities Accountability Report on their own website states that their 10 schools are "good" and that "no repairs were needed", fact, the district API scores are a disaster.

    Read their ballot statement; at first they say none of the money goes to teachers, then they sense is a sea change in the electorate and the in second part of their ballot statement they are saying that energy savings will be used to pay teachers to keep class size smaller.

    We are NOT against school bonds, but this Prop P is a license for the district, a district with a history of telling parents that it is bankrupt when it was not even close, to take taxpayer's money completely without accountability.

    Simply; they are NOT trustworthy.

    They talk about creating a cherry-picked citizen oversight committee; this is as laughable as Baird putting his own realtor on the Pacific View Committee and as a signatory on the Yes on Prop P committee; you may very well see this name again soon; on a sales receipt for Pacific View School.

    Vendors that do business with EUSD see a profit; it just shouldn't be $110 million dollars at the taxpayers expense; that number comes from the San Diego County Taxpayer's Association.

    Mike Andreen