Monday, October 25, 2010

Encinitas Citizens United puts up Tony Kranz web site

This is to counter the smear campaign about Tony getting in an argument with a "Obama's Religion -- Destroy America!!!" protester.

Tony Kranz web site with lots of videos here.


  1. Smear campaigns have a funny way of coming around full circle, don't they?

  2. i still think he looks like charles manson

  3. Exposing Kranz vitriolic and violent nature is a "smear campaign"? So I guess calling Hitler genocidal is a "smear" too? Yep, Godwin's law, I went there.

    Kranz, the guy who says he is for openness and transparency, assaulted a peaceful protester over his political views, and during the course of the incident he uttered vile curses and made obscene gestures.

    The "Encinitas Citizens United" are clearly a partisan group that feels people who disagree with their politics can be assaulted.

  4. Preach on, brotha!