Friday, October 22, 2010

Coast News endorses Barth & Kranz

One paper that gets it right. They hit Dalager not just for corruption but for being clueless about several major issues: "Duh." I only wish they'd commented on Gaspar's cluelessness as well:

It’s not often The Coast News takes a stance on political decisions voters have to make concerning this great place we all live in. With the upcoming election, however, we felt compelled.

For too long now voters have cast their ballots without considering the qualifications of the candidates.

Voter apathy has led to electing officials less responsive to the people and the real needs of the city.

Witness the financial mess residents in some cities now find themselves in. Salaries and pensions are a major funding problem and infrastructure is neglected.

But times are changing. The public is demanding a more open and responsive government. People interested in government of the people and for the people are becoming involved, bringing fresh new ideas and trust back to government.

One of these individuals is Councilwoman Teresa Barth. She has championed open government, frequently to the disdain of some of her colleagues.

As a newspaper, we support elected officials who stand up for the people’s right to know what their government is doing.

She studies the issues, is well-prepared and responsive to the public. She supports both environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

She often points out, “It’s not about me but about we.” She has proven that promises she makes are promises she keeps.

Teresa Barth has earned your vote and deserves a second term.

As for Tony Kranz, we believe Deputy Mayor Maggie Houlihan and Councilwoman Teresa Barth when they say, “He’s the man for the job.”

Who are you not going to vote for?

Just in case you are reading this and don’t have all the facts that have come to light recently concerning the incumbent Mayor Dan Dalager, here goes.

He is accused of accepting deeply discounted kitchen appliances for his council vote. This newspaper had the opportunity to break the story, but declined because we thought it a minor pre-election jab. Other newspapers pursued and found out our mayor also received a $100,000 loan from a person with business before the council where he gave the only favorable vote. We started wondering what else don’t we know. His excuse, “I goofed.” Duh.

At a recent candidate forum Mayor Dalager was asked what he thought about Prop. P, a $44 million Encinitas school bond issue. He didn’t have a clue what Prop. P was. Duh.

Our city has held five community workshops to review its General Plan. The mayor was asked how many of the five community workshops he attended and what he had learned from citizen input. He replied that he hadn’t attended any because he didn’t want his presence to skew the input. Duh.

Mayor Dalager is not an evil man. He has done a lot of good.

Is he working hard doing his job and being honest and transparent enough to deserve our vote? We don’t think so.

Do the right thing. Vote for incumbent Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz for Encinitas City Council.

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