Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hansen's pulls Dalager sign!

Just a day after we noted the unseemly sign in support of Dan Dalager in front of Hansen's, the sign has been removed!

I would like to thank Hansen's for doing the right thing. I'm sure Dalager is an old friend going back years, but it's time to clean up city hall.

Maybe a little friendly pressure from customers would help bring down the rest of the signs supporting the ruling majority. Just let them know that we see what the developers and the unions are doing at city hall, and we don't approve. A lot of these small businesses might not be aware of the shenanigans, or might even be afraid to oppose the people in power.

Anybody need a new surfboard? Hansen's is open for business!


  1. OK- I will shop there again.

  2. I like Danny and now will not shop there any longer!

  3. Those who like Danny loved Nixon during WaterGate. Kudos to Hansens - I'll shop there.

  4. Good to see it's safe to shop at Hansens again. Dalager is a crook!

  5. Boycott Concepts at 215 D St - Dalager supporters.